A quadrupole residual gas analyzer for fusion research



  • Fast access for Histogram, Trend Analysis and Analogue peak displays.
  • Template files using integrated soft ionisation for complex hydrocarbon and deuterated hydrocarbon analysis.
  • Quantitative He/D2 analysis.
  • Simultaneous real time display of graphical and tabular trend analysis data.
  • Data acquisition from multiple systems via Ethernet.
  • Automatic mass scale alignment.
  • Integral mass spectral library with full editing facilities
Hiden Analytical offers precision quadrupole residual gas analyzers designed for cutting-edge Tokamak fusion research. Our DLS-1 operates in a threshold ionization mass spectrometric (TIMS) mode with real-time quantitation of gas species across a mass range of 1 – 100 atomic mass units (AMU). The unique spectral fingerprints of gases critical to fusion research parameters can subsequently be detected with ease.
Fusion is widely considered the golden-standard alternate energy source. By harnessing the compression of hydrogen (H2) to form helium (He), researchers hope to provide a clean sustainable source of energy for the future. Various facilities around the world are continually attempting to turn the theory into reality, but the world’s foremost fusion research system is the tokamak device. Challenges in fusion research based on the classical torus design include high energy deficits and the difficulty involved in the mass separation of deuterium (D2) and helium (4He).
The Hiden DLS series systems are designed for applications in fusion where analysis of hydrogen isotopes and deuterated compounds are of interest. The DLS-1 mass spectrometer is for real time quantitative analysis of complex gas and vapour mixtures in fusion applications. The DLS-1 operates in a threshold ionization mass spectrometric (TIMS) mode with real- time quantitation of gas species across a mass range of 1 – 100 atomic mass units (AMU) using templates developed for analysis of deuterium in helium and deuterated compounds.
The quadrupole analyser is a precision assembly including a mass filter with machined radial ceramic supports; an electron impact ioniser with twin oxide coated iridium filament and a dual Faraday / Channeltron electron multiplier detector. The analyser mounting flange is a DN-35-CF (2¾”, 70 mm OD) Conflat type flange. Mass range for the DLS-1 is 100 amu. Other mass ranges available on request.
The DLS-1 is directly controlled from a PC compatible computer via RS232, USB or Ethernet TCP/IP link, providing simultaneous data acquisition from multiple systems. The RC interface unit is a 90 mm high (2U), 19 inch rack mounting unit. It is mains powered and includes power on and filament status indicators.
Windows®-MASsoft Professional PC software provides for fast data acquisition through either user configured acquisition files or pre-set modes selected by icon.


Fusion research
Tokamak/Torus fusion research
Mass Range : 100 amu
Maximum Operating Pressure: 1 x 10-4 mbar with Faraday detector
Resolution: 10% Valley between adjacent peaks of equal height throughout the mass range. Software adjustable.
Detector: Faraday cup and Channeltron electron multiplier
Minimum Detectable Partial Pressur: 1 x 10-11 mbar with Faraday detector

5 x 10-14 mbar with Channeltron detector

Measurement speed:
Maximum measurement speed 650 measurements per second.
Ion Source : Radially symmetric, UHV compatible ion source.
Filament : Twin filament.

Oxide coated iridium is standard.

Ion Source control option:
Electron emission : Software variable 1 µA to 2 mA
Electron energy: Software variable 0 to 150 eV
Ion energy : Software variable 0 to 10 eV
PC Software : MASsoft Professional
Communications to PC: RS232, USB 2.0, 10/100 Base-T LAN
RC interface unit I/O : 5 configurable I/O TTL lines, 2 analog inputs, 2 trip relay outputs, external trip input and over-pressure trip output.

3 RS485 (multi-protocol) to interface with a wide range of external devices, MFCs for example.

8 digital inputs compatible with 5 V and 24 V logic levels. 8 open collector digital outputs (30 V, 500 mA max)

4 or 8 channel analog outputs, 0-10 V, 14 bit (optional).

Analyser mounting flange : DN-35-CF (2¾”/70 mm O.D. Conflat-type)
DN-35-CF (2¾”/70 mm O.D. Conflat-type) 247 mm
RF head dimensions: : Height – 117 mm, Width – 104 mm, Depth – 195 mm

Depth is distance from vacuum face of analyser mounting flang

RC interface unit dimensions Height: 90 mm. Width: 19″ rack mounting. Depth: 240 mm
Cable lengths
RC interface to RF head : 3 m standard

Longer lengths to 40 m available

RC interface to PC : Up to 15 metres with RS232 link

Up to 750 metres with unbridged Ethernet link

USB cable, 5 m Ethernet and 5 m RS 232 cables include

Power requirement 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 250 VA

DLS-1 Threshold Ionisation and Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Specifically for the Analysis of Hydrogen, Hydrogen Isotopes and Light Gases


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