A system for multiple source monitoring in MBE deposition applications

  • Model: XBS
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

Molecular beam sources require accurate control for reproducible production quality thin film growth. Hiden’s XBS (cross beam source) system provides in-situ monitoring of multiple sources with real-time signal output for precise control of the deposition. Hiden’s XBS is a great tool used in molecular beam mass spectrometry.


  • MBE monitoring and control
  • Molecular beam studies
  • Multiple beam source analysis
  • High performance RGA
  • Desorption
  • Outgassing studies
  • Bakeout cycles
  • Process gas contaminents

The Hiden XBS RC system is a quadrupole mass spectrometer designed for monitoring multiple beam sources simultaneously, and uniquely offers beam acceptance through a 70° cone, transverse to the quadrupole axis.

Beam  acceptance  apertures  are  configured  individually  for  each  specific  process  chamber  source  position, manufactured as replaceable plug-in elements to enable retrospective modification in event of chamber alteration.

Hiden RC systems are directly controlled from a PC compatible computer via RS232 or Ethernet link, providing simultaneous data acquisition from multiple systems. The RC interface unit is a 90 mm high (2U), 19 inch rack mounting unit.  It is mains powered and includes power on and filament status indicators.

Windows®-MASsoft Professional PC software provides for fast data acquisition through either user configured acquisition files or pre-set modes selected by icon.


  • Fastaccess for Histogram, Trend Analysis and Analog peak 
  • Mixedmode scanning, Trend Analysis, Histogram and Analog peaks in a multi-window display for exam
  • Dataacquisition from multiple systems via Ethernet.
  • Automaticmass scale alignment.
  • Integralmass spectral library with full editing facilit
  • Dataexport facility to ASCII format and to all Windows® devices for printing/plott
  • Cursorfor peak height identification under mouse control.

The Hiden XBS RC system comprises:

  • RCcontrol interface unit, 3 m Ethernet cable and T piece
  • RFgenerator with preamplifier
  • Analyserwith integral electron bombardment ion source, precision mass filter and detector
  • 3mconnecting cables
  • Windows®MASsoft Professional PC software

A PC compatible system is required additionally.

Ion source: Cross-beam ion source with beam acceptance through +/-35° to the transverse axis
Beam acceptance apertures: Typically 2 mm diameter, dependent on beam source position and quantity.

Beam acceptance apertures are configured for each specific beam source position

Mass Filter: Triple-stage mass filter of the -3F type, with pre and post filter stage.

Pole diameter 6.0 mm

Mass range: 1 : 320 amu 1 : 510 amu
Resolving power: Less than 1 amu peak width for all masses at 5% of the peak height
Ion detection: Dual Faraday/Electron Multiplier detector

The Electron Multiplier is air-stable, single channel type

Ion Source: Electron bombardment type, radially symmetric
Filament: Twin filament.  Tungsten is standard
Electron emission: Software variable 1 µA to 2 mA
Electron energy: Software variable 0 to 150 eV
Ion energy: Software variable 0 to 10 eV
Minimum detectable signal: 6 x 103 ions/s Far
Beam: 30 ions/s EM
RGA 5 x 10-11  mbar  EM

2.5 x 10-13  mbar  EM


Maximum operating pressure: 10-4 mbar with Faraday detector

10-5  mbar with Electron Multiplier detector 

Maximum bakeout temperature: 250°C
PC Interface: RS232, USB 2.0, 10/100 Base-T LAN
RC interface unit I/O: 5 configurable I/O TTL lines, 2 analog inputs, 2 trip relay outputs, external trip input and over-pressure trip output

3 RS485 (multi-protocol) to interface with a wide range of external devices, MFCs for example.

8 digital inputs compatible with 5 V and 24 V logic levels 8 open collector digital outputs (30 V, 500 mA max)

4 or 8 channel analog outputs, 0-10 V, 14 bit (optional)

RC interface unit Height:  90 mm/2U. Width:19″ rack mounting.Depth:240 mm
RF Head: 130 mm x 122 mm x 325 mm
Analyser Mounting flange DN-63-CF, 114 mm OD Conflat type
Cable lengths:
RC interface to RF head: 3 m standard.  Longer lengths to 30 m available 
RC interface to PC: Up to 15 metres with RS232 link.

Up to 750 metres with unbridged Ethernet link 5 m Ethernet and 5 m RS232 cables included

Power  Requirement 110/220/240 VAC, 220-240 VAC, 0.25 kVA Maximum Voltage Fluctuation -10% to +7%

Mass Spectrometers for Residual Gas Analysis – RGA | For Applications in a Vacuum Environment


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