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Auto Samplers

Automatic samplers are advanced systems designed to collect water, air, soil, or other materials automatically without manual operation. These samplers are widely used in various fields such as environmental, scientific, industrial, and agricultural applications to automate data collection processes, save time, labor, and enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Thiết bị lấy mẫu nước tự động với CTD

Single Fire Module with CTD

The time-tested Multi Water Sampler technology reduced to the max – releasing a single water sampler at a precise depth
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Máy lấy mẫu tự động dòng WS

WS Series Auto Samplers

Combined composite/discrete samplers for a range of sampling requirements
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Thiết bị lấy mẫu tự động YSI ProSample

ProSample Portable Samplers

Highly accurate sampling in applications such as surface water, rainwater and wastewater
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