HPR-30 RGA Cart

The HPR-30 RGA Cart System

Model: HPR-30 RGA Cart
Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

Hiden’s 3F PIC Series Quadrupoles are high precision triple filter analysers with digital detectors for ultimate sensitivity and time resolution in UHV TPD applications.


  • Surface science
  • Single crystal studies
  • Molecular beam studies
  • Flash desorption analysis
  • High performance RGA
  • Desorption studies
  • Bakeout cycles
  • Process contaminants

The Hiden HPR-30 RGA Cart is a quadrupole mass spectrometer system designed for stable and accurate real time process gas and contaminant monitoring of vacuum processes. A dual conductance sampling inlet provides for process chamber leak detection, for high sensitivity analysis of gases and vapours including water vapour, and for the analysis of hydrocarbons. This enables high sensitivity gas analysis during vacuum processing and high sensitivity residual gas analysis when the chamber is at base pressure below 10-4 mbar.

Process gases are drawn directly to the quadrupole ioniser by a sampling orifice probe which may be extended directly to the process region, optimising response and sensitivity to the process gas.

The comprehensive data acquisition package includes real time trend analysis of multiple gas and vapour species levels and includes on-board alarms to notify the user of any out of limit condition.

The standard system with 200 amu mass range has a detection capability to less than 100 parts-per-billion. The optional 3F Series, 300 amu mass range system with triple-stage mass filter offers extended detection levels to 10 parts-per-billion together with enhanced contamination resistance and is recommended for applications requiring optimum abundance sensitivity. Extended mass range options with mass range to 510 amu and 1000 amu are offered for advanced applications.

The system is directly PC controlled with Windows® MASsoft Professional PC software for extensive data acquisition and display modes.

The HPR-30 RGA cart system is mounted on a compact cart that includes an adjustable height support to enable the RGA system to be moved between multiple process chambers within a facility.

The height adjustment is straightforward and enables the sampling point to be connected to the vacuum process chamber from 821 mm up to 1476 mm giving a high degree of mounting flexibility.

Custom configurations are available to accommodate alternative mounting requirements.

The UHV sampling head is terminated with a DN-35-CF conflat type flange for UHV compatibility, and is typically used with an adaptor flange, type KF 40 for example, for connection to the process chamber.

The HPR-30 RGA Cart includes:

Compact mobile cart and sampling inlet with flexible height adjustment for coupling to multiple chamber types.

  • Re-entrantprobe with user changeable sampling orif

For optimum analysis sensitivity the sampling orifice size is process matched to enable sampling up to the maximum process pressure. A sampling orifice is supplied to match the user specified process pressure in the range: 10-3 mbar to 5 mbar.

  • Ahigh conductance inlet for residual gas analysis at chamber base pressure from ultra high vacuum, and up to 10-4
  • Thesampling inlet includes manually operated valves, or the pneumatic operated valve option for automatic c
  • Mountedon a compact mobile cart with a user height adjustable sampling point in the range from 821 mm up to 1476 mm. The mounting flange type is DN-35-CF with adapters available to suit other types of process chamber flanges as required, KF 40 for exa

Vacuum System  all dry turbomolecular pump set.

UHV 80 l/s turbomolecular pump set, providing an ultra high vacuum environment for mass spectrometer operation with:

  • 80l/s turbomolecular pump with dry membrane foreline pump
  • Turbocontroller
  • Auto-ventvalve with delay timer
  • Splintershield
  • Vacuumprotection module
  • UHVvacuum manifold
  • Controllerand total pressure gauge for vacuum integrity confirmation and interlock protection of the mass spectrometer in case of over pressure
  • Allcontrollers integrated within the base of the mobile cart

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

HAL 201 RC with dual Faraday/Electron Multiplier Detector

  • Atomicmass range: 200 amu (300 amu, 510 amu and 1000 amu options)
  • Minimumdetectable partial pressure: 5 x 10-14 mbar
  • Resolution:10% valley as per AVS standard (fully software adjustable)
  • Scanspeed: Up to 650 measurements per second
  • Peakratio reproducibility: +/- 5 %
  • Ionsource: dual filament, yttriated iridium (software selectable)
  • Softionisation mode
  • Operatingmodes include a fast set up scan gallery for: leak detection, histogram and trend analysis
  • I/O:3 x relay contacts, 5 x TTL lines, 2 x analogue inputs
  • RS232, Ethernet, or USB integrated comm
  • MASsoftProfessional PC software – Windows compatible

Power Supply: 110…230 V AC, 50…60 Hz

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