RGA Series

Systems for the examination of components present in a vessel or evolved from a process

  • Model: RGA Series
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

With partial pressure measurement range from UHV up to 0.01 Pa (10-4 mbar). 

Sampling systems with differential pumping extend the sampling pressure range for vacuum process monitoring, and gas analysis applications when required.

All Hiden residual gas analysers are application tested and calibrated to provide the highest quality performance, and they are backed by a 3 year warranty and lifetime service support.


  • Residual gas analysis
  • Leak detection
  • Desorption
  • Outgassing studies
  • Bakeout cycles
  • Pump Performance
  • Process gas contaminants
  • Thin film optical coating

The Hiden RGA series includes three specification levels:

HALO – for residual gas analysis.

  • Vacuum fingerprint – compare and analyse vacuum chamber residual gas/vapour species.
  • Trend Analysis – Monitor multiple species partial pressure values in real time.
  • Leak detection – Hiden residual gas analysers have excellent sensitivity for Helium.
  • 200 and 300 AMU mass range options and partial pressure measurement to 2×10-13 mbar.

3F – Triple filter mass spectrometers for analytical applications.

  • 3F Triple filter technology provides extended mass range, and mass resolution capability, enhanced sensitivity for high mass species, and improved contamination resistance.
  • 300 and 510 AMU mass range options and partial pressure measurement to 2×10-14 mbar

3F- PIC Pulse ion counting detection for fast event studies.

  • Pulse ion counting detection provides seven decades continuous dynamic range with full analytical capability up to12 decades.
  • 300 and 510 AMU mass range options, and partial pressure measurement to 5×10-15 mbar

RGA Series standard features:

  • Fast access for Histogram, Trend Analysis and Analog peak displays.
  • Mixed mode scanning, Trend Analysis, Histogram and Analog peaks in a multi-window display for example.
  • Real time background subtract.
  • New Vacuum species identification with automated analysis.
  • Simultaneous real time display of graphical and tabular trend analysis data.
  • Data acquisition from multiple systems via Ethernet.
  • Automatic mass scale alignment.
  • Integral mass spectral library with full editing facilities.
  • Data export facility to ASCII format and to all Windows® devices for printing/plotting.

Socket Interface for application control and dynamic data link with Windows® compliant aplications.

Mass Range 200 amu, 300 or 510 amu.
Maximum Operating Pressure:
HALO and HAL/3F: 1 x 10-4 mbar with Faraday detector.
HAL3F/PIC 5 x 10-6    mbar with pulse ion counting detector.
HALO and
HAL/3F, HAL/3F PIC 510 amu 10% Valley between adjacent peaks of equal height throughout the mass range. Software adjustable.
HAL/3F, HAL/3F PIC 300 amu 5% Valley between adjacent peaks of equal height throughout the mass range. Software adjustable
HALO and HAL/3F Twin detector: Faraday cup and electron multiplier detector.
HAL/3F PIC PIC: Pulse ion counting single channel electron multiplier
Minimum Detectable Partial Pressure
HALO 1x 10-11 mbar with Faraday detector

2x 10-13 mbar with Channelplate detector 

HAL/3F 2 x 10-12 mbar with Faraday detector

2 x 10-14 mbar with Channeltron detector

HAL/3F PIC 5 x 10-15 mbar with Channeltron detector 
Measurement speed:
Maximum measurement speed 650 measurements per second.
Ion Source:
HALO and HAL/3F  Radially symmetric, UHV compatible ion source.
HAL/3F PIC Low profile ion source, UHV compatible.
Filament Twin filament.

Oxide coated iridium is standard.

Ion Source control Option for HALO. Standard for 3F and 3F/PIC 
Electron emission Software variable 1 µA to 2 mA
Electron energy Software variable 0 to 150 eV
Ion energy Software variable 0 to 10 eV 
PC Software MASsoft  Professional
Communications to PC: RS232, USB 2.0, 10/100 Base-T LAN
RC interface unit I/O 5 configurable I/O TTL lines, 2 analog inputs, 2 trip relay outputs, external trip input and over-pressure trip output.

3 RS485 (multi protocol) to interface with a wide range of external devices, MFC’s for example.

8 digital inputs compatible with 5 V and 24 V logic levels. 8 open collector digital outputs (30 V, 500 mA max)

4, or 8 channel analog outputs, 0-10 V, 14bit (optional).

Power  requirement 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 250 VA.

Mass Spectrometers for Residual Gas Analysis – RGA | For Applications in a Vacuum Environment


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