3F PIC / 1000 Series PIC

The quadrupole mass spectrometer for science applications

The Hiden HAL/3F RC PIC system is designed for high sensitivity fast event studies, including transient MS and UHV–TPD applications.


  • Surface science
  • Single crystal studies
  • Molecular beam studies
  • Flash desorption analysis
  • High performance RGA
  • Desorption studies
  • Bakeout cycles
  • Process contaminants

The quadrupole analyser is a precision assembled triple mass filter with unique, independently driven RF-only secondary filter stages preceding and following the primary mass filter.

A pulse ion counting single channel electron multiplier detector is included as standard. A Faraday detector option extends the dynamic range to 5×1010. Pulse ion counting detection provides seven decades continuous dynamic range and with the Faraday detector option, full analytical capability is extended to > 10 decades.

Mass range options are 50, 300 and 510 amu. The 50 amu system is used for optimum low mass resolution and abundance sensitivity.

The HAL/3F RC PIC mass spectrometer includes a UHV low profile electron impact ioniser with twin oxide coated iridium filaments as standard. System options available include cross beam sources and a range of analyser shrouds suited for molecular beam studies. The ioniser electron energy can be scanned and set for threshold ionisation and soft ionisation applications.


  • Pulse Ion Counting detector for fast direct positive ion detection.
  • Low-profile‘ ion source. Desorbing surfaces may be positioned to within 8 mm of the ionisation region.
  • Wide dynamic range. 7 decade continuous log scale, and up to 5 x 1010 with Faraday option.
  • High sensitivity. Detection levels to 5 x 10-15mbar.
  • Fast data acquisition. Up to 650 measurements per second.
  • Ion source control for soft ionisation and appearance potential mass spectrometry.
  • Gating input for pulsed gas studies with 50 nanosecond gating resolution.
Mass Range 50 amu, 300 amu, 510 amu
Maximum Operating Pressure 5 x 10-6 mbar. 1 x 10-4 mbar with Faraday option.
50 amu system 0.5% Valley between adjacent peaks of equal height throughout the mass range.
300/510 amu systems 5% Valley between adjacent peaks of equal height throughout the mass range.

Software adjustable.

Detector Fast pulse counting detector

Faraday option

Dynamic Range From 1 c/s to 107 c/s

Extendable to 5 x 1010 c/s with Faraday option Linear scale – any single decade

Logarithmic scale – selectable from

1 to 7 decades (1 : 107) of continuous display

Measurement speed:
Maximum measurement speed 650 measurements per second
Ion Source Electron bombardment type, radially symmetric Low-profile
Filament Two individual side-mounting filaments Oxide coated iridium standard
Electron emission Software variable 1 µA to 2 mA
Electron energy Software variable 0 V to 150 eV
Ion energy Software variable 0 V to 10 eV
Cable length Control module to RF head: 3 m
PC Software MASsoft  Professional edition
Communications to PC RS232, USB 2.0, 10/100 Base-T LAN
RC interface unit I/O 5 configurable I/O TTL lines, 2 analog inputs, 2 trip relay outputs,

external trip input and over-pressure trip output

3 RS485 (multi protocol) to interface with a wide range of external devices, MFCs for example

8 digital inputs compatible with 5 V and 24 V logic levels 8 open collector digital outputs (30 V, 500 mA max)

4 or 8 channel analog outputs, 0-10 V,14 bit (optional)

Power   requirement 110-120 VAC, 220-240 VAC, 0.25 kVA

Mass Spectrometers for Residual Gas Analysis – RGA | For Applications in a Vacuum Environment


High Mass QMS to 5,000 m/z | Cluster Studies


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