Hệ thống hỗ trợ trực thăng cất/ hạ cánh trên tàu biển

Helideck monitoring system

Reeco Tech introduces helicopter landing/take-off assistance system on ships to improve safety and flight planning for pilots. Integrated with the world’sbest lightning data For accurate and reliableweather and lightning information, helideck motion and vessel position in real time for efficient takeoffs and landings without compromising safety.

Measurable parameters: Thunderstorm, Movement Severity Index, Wind Severity Index, and Relative Wind Direction, Wave, and Current parameters.


Provide information on weather and environmental parameters

The unique Vaisala HMS provides all key weather and environmental parameters so you can maintain safe, efficient helideck operations no matter what the weather brings. Measurements are based on Vaisala’s world-class, reliable sensor technology designed specifically for offshore weather monitoring. Providing conditions in real-time and for the next 60 minutes.

Conform to all current certification standards

The Vaisala HMS is fully certified and compliant with current CAP 437 and HCA Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev 9b requirements. Vaisala also has CASR Part 91-compliant Aviation Weather Systems available

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface helps update current conditions with a real-time data display so that users can keep the deck crew safe and ensure optimal helicopter landing and takeoff in changing weather conditions

Check and share information with other links

Not only can you quickly check helideck status from any device, you can also share the information with other offshore stakeholders thanks to built-in data security
hệ thống hỗ trợ cất hạ cánh trên tàu

Primary devices

Cảm biến độ sáng nền LM21

Background Luminance Sensor LM21

Fully featured ambient light sensor for Runway Visual Range (RVR) applications
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Cảm biến tán xạ phía trước FD70

Forward Scatter Sensor FD70

Unsurpassed precipitation sensitivity and reliable visibility measurement in all weather conditions
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Cảm biến đo tầm nhìn xa và thời tiết hiện tại PWD52

Present Weather Detector PWD52

Provides wide visibility measurement range and accurate current weather reporting
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Cảm biến thời tiết và tầm nhìn PWD

Present Weather Detectors and Visibility Sensors PWD Series

The right visibility data for meteorological use, at the right price
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Cảm biến thời tiết hiện tại FS11P

Present Weather Sensor FS11P

Runway visual range (RVR), aeronautical and synoptical visibility, and present weather observation
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Cảm biến đo tầm nhìn đường băng LT31

Transmissometer LT31

The world’s best, most accurate, and most frequently used visibility measurement instrument for runway visual range
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Cảm biến tầm nhìn xa FS11

Visibility Sensor FS11

Measuring visibility at ports and harbors
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Cảm biến đo tầm nhìn xa PWD50

Visibility Sensor PWD50

Measures visibility from 10 m to 50 km (from 32 ft to 31 mi)
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Other solutions

Reecotech solutions are designed to meet the needs of customers in many different fields

Real-Time Ship Performance Monitoring Solution

The real-time weather and oceanographic monitoring system on board is an important system that helps the ship operate safely and effectively. This system includes specialized equipment to measure meteorological and oceanographic parameters such as wind, waves, currents, sea level, temperature, salinity...
giám sát hiệu suất tàu biển

Real-Time Ship Performance Monitoring Solution

Helideck monitoring system

Keep crew members safe and maritime operations running smooth at all times with reliable marine weather observations.
hệ thống helideck

Helideck monitoring system

Continuous and automatic sea water quality monitoring system on board

The system is used to collect marine water quality data continuously and automatically.
quan trắc chất lượng nước liên tục

Continuous and automatic sea water quality monitoring system on board

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