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Plankton Examination

Pipet hút mẫu theo chuẩn Hensen

Hensen plunger

Easy retrieval of precise small plankton sub-samples
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ống lắng phiêu sinh vật

Tubular Plankton Chamber

Plankton sedimentation cylinder for microscopic analysis
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khay đếm thực vật phù du

Kolkwitz chamber

Tray for easy enumeration of small amounts of phytoplankton
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khay đếm động vật phù du

Counting Chamber

Based on the Bogorov design
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bộ dụng cụ đếm phiêu sinh vật

Utermöhl Chamber

Plankton sedimentation and counting chamber acc. to Utermöhl
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Bộ chia mẫu phiêu sinh vật Folsom

Folsom’s Plankton Sample Divider

Easy division of large plankton samples
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