ToF-qSIMS Workstation

Innovative Time of Flight Quadrupole SIMS System

  • Model: ToF-qSIMS
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

The Hiden TOF-qSIMS system is designed for surface analysis and depth profiling applications of a wide range of materials including polymers, pharmaceuticals, superconductors, semiconductors, alloys, optical and functional coatings and dielectrics, with measurement of trace components to sub-ppm levels.


  • Contamination with silicone: top monolayer specific analysis  
  • Surgical stent: imaging, depth profiling and surface specific analysis to characterise the near surface  
  • Contamination: imaging and mass spectra to locate and identify surface contamination 
  • Nuclear materials: identification of isotopically rich materials using bulk composition mass spectra  
  • Pharmaceuticals: identification of molecular signals using static SIMS on powders 


The new Hiden TOF, time of flight analyser enhances SIMS to give the user the best of the dynamic range from high performance quadrupole SIMS together with the advantages of parallel data collection and molecular fragment analysis from time of flight SIMS, TOF-SIMS.

The TOF-qSIMS capability enables hyperspectral imaging for spatially resolved detailed materials analysis.

The TOF-qSIMS system offers the comprehensive capabilities of static TOF-SIMS, and high dynamic range depth profiling from the quadrupole SIMS.

Fully integrated and optimised for high performance SIMS analysis, the TOF-qSIMS Workstation system includes a multi-port UHV chamber, TOF-SIMS analyser, Hiden’s MAXIM quadrupole SIMS analyser, IG20 gas primary ion gun, a Cs metal Ion gun and a sample holder designed to accommodate the broadest sample range.  High sensitivity SNMS mode is included for quantitative analysis of metallurgical thin films, conductive and non-conductive oxides and other alloy materials and coatings. Facilities for SIMS enhancement including oxygen flood, electron charge neutralization and vacuum bakeout are included as standard.

The SIMS Mapper PC software option provides for mapping with 2D and 3D view capability over the sample area. Electronic gating is included for optimised high dynamic range depth profiling. The TOF SIMS analysis capability includes full spectral analysis, pixel by pixel across the sample image.


The SIMS PC data system, MASsoft Professional, includes a simple user-configurable interface for control and data acquisition, including set up and control of the primary ion beam rastering for surface analysis and depth profile applications.

The Vacuum Chamber Module: 
Multiport stainless steel UHV analysis chamber including large view port, flanges and fittings. All ports are conflat type, UHV. 

The ultimate chamber vacuum is < 2 x 10-9 mbar after bake out. 

TOF-SIMS ion analyser. Time of flight mass spectrometer 
for enhanced static TOF-SIMS capability with hyperspectral imaging. 

Including ion extraction column matched to reflectron TOF with counting electronics High efficiency, on-axis, collection optics 

Mass Range: 6 -10,000 amu standard.
Mass resolution 1500
Sensitivity >100 kcps / nA (Al target, 100 pA 3 keV Ar)
  • SIMS Quadrupole ion analyser. 
Mass Range: 510 amu standard. 

300 amu and 1000 amu mass ranges optional. 

Resolution: 5% valley between adjacent peaks of equal height throughout the mass range. 
Detector: Ion Counting detector, positive and negative ion detection, 4 kV post acceleration for positive ions. 
Detection Range 1 : 107
Maximum count rate: 107  counts per second. 
Minimum count rate: 1 count per second.
Sensitivity: > 1 x 106 c/s per nanoamp (5 keV Ar, primary ion detecting Al+ from Al target at 20 mm working distance, 300 amu system).
Energy Filter Energy Filter

300 off axis injection. 

Ion Source Integral SNMS ion source 

Electron impact 4 – 150 eV 

Suitable for residual gas analysis – RGA. 

Mass Filter: 3 stages each of 4 poles.
Pole diameter: 9.0 mm – 1000 Series high performance system. 
Bake out Temperature: 250°C. 
  • IG20 Ion Gun specification
Ion Beam: Energy 0.5 to 5.0 keV
Spot diameter 50 microns for imaging

100 microns for depth profiling

Current 0.1 to 600 nA
Species Oxygen or inert gases
Deflection Field +/- 4 mm
Ion Source: Electron Impact Twin Filament
Electron Emission 0 to 20 mA
Electron Energy 0 to 100 volts
Ion Column: Condenser 3 element lens
Objective 3 element lens
Alignment Independent X and Y alignment plates 
Scan Deflection Independent X and Y deflection plates 
Fast Neutral Dump 3 degree bend in the ion column
Beam blanking Single deflector plate
Deflection Amplifiers: Minimum Sweep Time: 64 µs
Flyback Time: 15 µs
Beam Blanking: Rise Time: 3 µs
Fall Time: 3 µs
Mounting Port DN-35-CF (2.75″ OD) Conflat type
Column Tip to Mounting Flange Distance: 282.5 mm 
Column Tip to Sample Working Distance: 20 to 50 mm
Mechanical Adjustment: Mechanical Spot Alignment : +/- 3 mm
IG5C Ion Gun Specification 
Ion Beam
Species Energy Caesium

0.5 to 5.0 keV

Spot diameter 20 microns minimum

80 µm typical

Deflection Field +/- 4 mm
Current 0.1 to 150 nA
Etch rate Maximum 30 nm/min for a silicon target
Ion Source Thermal decomposition surface Ionisation. Typically 10-20 W
Ion Column 3 element lens

Independent X and Y alignment plates for upper and lower column

Objective (Focus 2) Independent X and Y deflection plates
Alignment Double bend before objective lens
Deflection / Scan Single deflector plate after condenser 
Beam blanking
Mounting DN-35-CF (2.75″ OD) Conflat type
Port 35 mm minimum internal diameter 
Port Clearance
Column Tip to Mounting
Flange Distance 200 mm 
Column Tip to Sample
Working Distance 10 to 50 mm (10 – 20 mm for small spot applications) 
Differential Pumping 80 l/s turbomolecular pump set included
Maximum Recommended 200°C 
Deflection Amplifiers
Minimum 64 µs 
Sweep Time
Flyback Time 15 µs 
Beam Blanking
Rise Time 3 µs
Fall Time 3 µs
Displays PC based control Ion Energy, Condenser Lens, Objective Lens, Heater Current,Upper X-Align, Upper Y-Align, Lower X-Align, Lower Y-Align X-Deflection, Y-Deflection, X-Scan Amplitude, Y Scan Amplitude.
Diagnostics /measurement Built in diagnostic line scan (X and Y), including supplies for electron suppressed beam current measurement and spotshape, and (incorporated electrometer displays beam current profile on PC). A simple line flyback raster generator is also included.
Controls Control of all beam steering plates, scan amplitudes, offsets and lenses with settings saved to PC for future recall.
External inputs The control unit accepts an external scan input. A gain control is provided to optimise amplification of the scan signal.

External target bias input (max 350 V) that is switched via the beam diagnostics control.

Power Requirements 240/220 V, 120/110 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.25 kVA
Control Unit 311 mm (12.25″) height, 343 mm (13.5″) deep, 19″ Rack Mounting.
Beam steering Mounts directly to the ion gun
module 63 mm (2.5″) x 127 mm (5.0″) x 368 mm (14.5″) length

Hiden ToF-qSIMS Innovative Combination of Quadrupole and Time of Flight


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