A mass and energy analyser for plasma diagnostics

  • Model: PSM
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

The Hiden PSM plasma ion analyser is a quadrupole mass spectrometer designed for direct analysis of plasma ions and neutrals in both plasma characterisation and process diagnostic applications.


  • Plasma Characterisation
  • Plasma Etching and ALE
  • HiPIMS
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) Coatings
  • DC Magnetron Deposition of SiBCN Films

The PSM system includes ion extraction/exclusion optics with integral electron impact ioniser, triple filter mass analyser and an in-line energy analyser. The ion energy analyser enables ion energy and ion energy distribution measurements for selected plasma ions. The ion extraction/exclusion optics serve to remove the background spectrum effects caused by plasma ions, thereby increasing the overall sensitivity to neutral species sampled from the plasma when compared with conventional RGAs. The control of the PSM electron impact ioniser provides for neutral radical analysis by appearance potential threshold ionisation mass spectrometry (TIMS).

The PSM is supplied fully assembled in a compact UHV differentially pumped housing with user interchangeable sampling orifice. The PSM mounting flange is a DN-63-CF, 114 mm (4½” OD) Conflat type flange or DN-40-KF type fitting with adapter. The adapter is not included.

A turbomolecular pump group of 60 l/s capacity is included for UHV operation of the mass spectrometer and a UHV- standard vacuum gauge with pressure sensing relay interlock is included for mass spectrometer overpressure protection.

The interchangeable sampling orifice is mounted in the probe tip. Standard orifices accommodate the pressure regime up to 0.5 mbar with 60 l/s differential pumping. Options extend this range to 2.0 mbar, 20 mbar, 100 mbar and atmospheric sampling.

The PSM System is directly PC controlled, Windows®-MASsoft Professional PC software is included as standard and provides comprehensive data acquisition and presentation routines.

System features

  • Positiveion analysis of process plasma io
  • Plasmaion energy analysis with integral Bessel Box energy analyser.
  • IntegralRGA mode for measurement of process neutrals, process contamination and leak detectio
  • Programmablesignal gating option for pulsed plasm
  • MASsoft Professional PC software.

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