HPR-30 Series

Residual gas analysis systems for vacuum process analysis

  • Model: HPR-30 Series
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

 The HPR-30 Series are residual gas analysis systems configured for analysis of gases and vapours in vacuum processes and for vacuum diagnostics with sampling capability from high vacuum to atmospheric pressure. The systems are fully configurable for individual process applications such as CVD, ALD, plasma etching, MOCVD, process gas purity and in-process contaminant monitoring.


  • Plasma characterisation
  • Freeze drying
  • Vacuum processing
  • Residual gas analysis
  • Near atmospheric XPS, APXPS
  • Thin film optical coating

The Hiden HPR-30 series vacuum process analysers are quadrupole mass spectrometer systems designed for analysis of process gas, reaction products, contaminant monitoring and leak detection of vacuum processes.

The sampling system is configured to provide optimum sensitivity and response over the process pressure range.

The sampling configurations available are:

HPR-30 Cart: Equipped with dual conductance sampling inlet, it boasts a directly connected re-entrant aperture for sampling within the process zone. This ensures unparalleled data accuracy and quick process status verification.

HPR-30 Multi Inlet Cart: Features several adaptable inlets, each 1m in length, paired with a tri-valve manifold connection. It has automated switching that facilitates analysis across a wide process pressure spectrum.

HPR-30 SGL: Designed with a single, heated sampling line, this is perfect for scenarios with limited space for sampling links. Especially when the analysis of less volatile byproducts requires a consistently heated inlet. Additionally, it offers the option of time-resolved data collection, making it ideal for monitoring pulsed deposition processes.

An advanced feature available is the Hiden 3F series triple filter quadrupole system. This offers enhanced sensitivity, with detection levels down to the ppb scale, and superior resistance to contamination. This makes it especially powerful for analyzing harsh gases in CVD and RIE applications.

HPR-30 Vacuum Process Gas Analyser


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