Advanced Thermal Desorption Spectrometry Systems

Thermal desorption spectrometry (TDS) involves heating materials to release absorbed or adsorbed compounds into the gas phase, which are then analysed by mass spectrometry to characterise material properties at the molecular level. This technique is essential for understanding material behaviours under various environmental conditions, assessing contamination, degradation, and the composition of complex material systems


    • Thin Film Research
    • Photovoltaic Studies
    • Hydrogen In Metals Analysis
    • Semiconductor Research
    • Nuclear Fusion Applications

Advanced Material Analysis with the Hiden TDSLab Series

The TDSLab series represents the cutting edge of thermal desorption technology. These systems offer tailored solutions to meet the demands of advanced research fi elds including thin fi lms, photovoltaics, hydrogen in metals, semiconductors, and nuclear fusion materials. Each system is designed to deliver precision, reliability, and versatility, accommodating a wide range of scientific endeavours from fundamental research to industrial applications.

Models of the TDS LAB Series:

TDSLab-6: Precision Engineered for Hydrogen Embrittlement Studies and More


  • Precision Engineered for Hydrogen Embrittlement Studies and More
  • Precision Measurement: Detects hydrogen concentrations as low as 0.01 ppm in steel.
  • Versatile Sample Handling: Suitable for various sample types and sizes.
  • Advanced Thermal Programming: Controlled heating to 1000°C.
  • Integrated Mass Spectrometer: Offers detailed gas analysis.
  • Automated Gas Handling: Ensures a controlled environment for consistent results.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Software: Features intuitive controls and sophisticated data handling.

 Applications: Ideal for research focused on hydrogen embrittlement, corrosion processes, coatings evaluation, and barrier property investigations in industrial materials.

TDSLab-9: Engineered for High-Mass Applications in Photovoltaic and Semiconductor Research


  • High-Mass Capability: Designed to handle complex samples and heavier isotopes, ensuring precise and accurate analysis. Offers high stability, high resolution for enhancing performance in critical analyses eg D2/He separation.
  • Advanced Temperature Control: Offers precise temperature settings up to 1000°C, essential for simulating the operational environments of photovoltaic materials.
  • Integrated High-Performance Mass Spectrometry: Delivers in-depth analysis of desorbed gases, crucial for molecular-level material characterization.
  • Automated Gas Handling System: Incorporates an automated gas introduction and vacuum technology for controlled, repeatable results.
  • TPDsoft Custom Software: Provides enhanced control over heating and desorption processes with user-friendly interfaces that simplify complex data analysis.

 Applications: Ideal for photovoltaic research and comprehensive semiconductor analysis, the TDSLab-9 is a vital tool for advancing technology in solar energy and electronic materials.

TDSLab-20: Designed for High Performance Scientific Research, Including Nuclear Fusion


  • Exceptional Mass Resolution: Resolves complex isotopic species with unparalleled accuracy, crucial for understanding fusion processes. : Delivers unparalleled accuracy in resolving light gas isotopes, crucial for differentiating D2 from He, and HD from 3He in nuclear fusion experiments.
  • High Sensitivity and Selectivity: Detects minute quantities of isotopes, vital for materials analysis under extreme conditions.
  • Robust and Reliable: Delivers consistent, repeatable results, essential in high-precision experiments.
  • Advanced Operational Features: Manages multiple gas streams and accommodates high-intensity signals without compromising data quality.

 Applications: Ideal for nuclear fusion research, materials science, environmental monitoring, and any field requiring detailed mass analysis. Provides critical data to advance scientific research boundaries.


  • 1000°C Sample Stage with PID Control Module: Ensures precise temperature management.
  • High Precision Triple Filter Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with Digital Pulse Ion Counting Detector: Delivers detailed gas analysis.
  • Multiport UHV Chamber: Supports complex experimental setups.
  • Water Cooled Heater Shroud: Minimizes outgassing and speeds up cooldown.
  • Linear Sample Transfer Mechanism and Loadlock: Includes gate valve and viewports for enhanced operational flexibility.
  • Z-drive for Optimal Sample/Detector Positioning: Improves measurement accuracy.
  • Mass Filter Shroud: Increases sensitivity and reduces background interference.
  • TPDsoft Control and Analysis Software: Simplifies experiment management and data analysis.
  • Bakeout Jacket (150°C Max): Reduces system downtime between experiments.

TDSLab Series for Thermal Desorption Studies


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