9800 Photometer

Portable & Multiparameter Photometer for Water Quality Testing

Model: 9800;

Manufacturer: YSI – USA.

  • Quick and Accurate Testing: Simple on-screen instructions guide you through dozens of test options
  • Rugged Design: Field-ready housing is impact tested, waterproof, and chemical & scratch resistant
  • Multiparameter Sampling: Get more comprehensive data with over 30 parameters on a single instrument
  • Data Management: Test results are saved automatically with easy data retrieval. USB connectivity and 1000 data set memory
  • Touch Screen: Interface Easily view testing options, settings, and results even when wearing gloves
  • Safe and Sustainable: Reagents are easy to use and safe to use regardless of form. Long lasting battery and fully servicable & repairable

The YSI 9800 is a portable, multiparameter photometer for quickly and accurately measuring over 30 water quality parameters. For use in the field or lab and featuring a large touchscreen display and an intuitive user interface with onscreen instructions, the 9800 Photometer is the ideal instrument for users of any level of experience operating in any environment!

Rugged and Modern

  • Waterproof IP-67 rating even when using a USB connection to power the instrument
  • Impact tested
  • Abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant coating
  • Large, full-color touchscreen display works even with wet or gloved hands
  • Onscreen step-by-step test instructions
  • Comfrotable, ergonomic design

Smart, Versatile

  • Choose from 30+ tests or define your own
  • Multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin
  • User-selectable options for test units, sample numbers, and dilution factors
  • Automatically stores all test results, data IDs, and user information for data compliance and traceability
  • Simple Data Management via USB connectivity also powers the instrument
  • User-upgradeable software via USB connection to PC 1,000 Data Set Memory


  • Fully serviceable and repairable over the life of the instrument
  • Carrying case composed of 100% recycled materials
  • Longer-lasting battery life (up to 5,000 tests per set)

Each YSI 9800 Photometer Kit includes the following: YSI 9800 photometer, a dilution tube, a syringe (luer slip, 10 mL), a polishing cloth, an absorbent cloth, a test tube brush, a USB Type A to C cable, stir rods (qty. 10), test tubes (qty. 10), a reagent box, and a quick start guide.

Feature  Specifications
Instrument Type Multiparameter Photometer
Wavelengths 430 nm, 465 nm, 530 nm, 575 nm, 620 nm
Accuracy ± 1%T (transmission)
Display Large, Color LCD
User Interface Touch screen with walkthrough text instructions
Width: 211 mm (8.3 in)
Length: 195 mm (7.7 in)
Height: 52 mm (2.0 in)
Weight 0.85 kg (1.87 lbs)
IP Rating IP-67
Power Supply 6x AA Batteries or through USB
Connectivity Connect to PC via USB cable
Memory Capacity 1,000 data sets
Battery Life 5,000 tests on one set of batteries
Languages English, French, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified)
Certifications EN61326, EN61010, IP67, and EN60068-2-78

YSI 9800 Photometer Quick Start Guide


YSI 9800 Photometer User Manual


YSI 9800 Photometer - Spec Sheet


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