Turb 750 T Benchtop Turbidimeter

Simplify turbidity measurements without compromising data quality

YSI’s Turb® 750 T benchtop turbidity meter provides accurate and precise measurements up to 1100 FNU/NTU at an affordable price. The turbidity meter complies with EPA 180.1 and includes analytical quality assurance (AQA), which allows for adjustable calibration intervals, calibration record of turbidity standards used, and GLP-compliant documentation via PC and LIMS.


With advanced features like intelligent reproducibility and plausibility check (IRPC), this powerful benchtop turbidity instrument can quickly take multiple measurements, automatically evaluate the data and remove outliers, offering your laboratory optimal efficiency.

These features and the affordability make the Turb® 750 T a great turbidity meter for environmental, chemical, petroleum, food, and beverage laboratories!

  • One of the most affordable turbidity meters without compromising quality.
  • Complies with EPA 180.1 and GLP
  • Superior accuracy and precision with Xylem’s IRPC feature.
  • Compact turbidity meter, occupying minimal benchtop space in your lab.

Sample-ID and Data Management with the YSI Turb 750 T

Get advanced data storage with the Turb Data Software, free to download from our website. Give samples unique IDs (up to 12 digits, including special characters) for streamlined output from the meter to your PC. Importing data into Excel or your LIMS system has never been easier! Press the store button twice, and your CSV files are automatically exported.

Standards for Clear Results!

YSI’s AMCO Clear® standards have been optimized for the optics of the Turb 750 T. A successful calibration with AMCO Clear standards is essential to obtain precise and reproducible results. Utilization of commercial formazine standards can influence results – learn more about our standards.

Turb750 Specifications
Measuring standards US EPA 180.1
Light source White light Tungsten filament lamp
Measuring mode Nephelometric (90˚ scattered light)
Display Backlit graphics display, 160 x 104 Pixels
Keypad Easy-to-clean foil keypad with alphanumeric entry option
Measuring range 0 – 1100 NTU
Units NTU
Resolution 0.01 FNU/NTU in the range 0.00 – 9.99 FNU/NTU

0.1 FNU/NTU in the range 10 – 99.99 FNU/NTU

1 FNU/NTU in the range 100 – 1100 FNU/NTU

Accuracy 0.01 NTU or ± 2% of reading,

± 3% in the range 500–1100 NTU

Repeatability < 1% of reading
Reading mode Measurement with Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC) procedure, rapid settlement samples supported by fast response time and IRPC.
Response time 7 sec
Calibration – options Default 3 points standard calibration, flexible calibration with 2–5 user-defined calibration points, QUICKCal
Calibration protocol and interval setting yes/yes
AQS-Support Calibration protocol, Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) flag, cal flag
Data storage 2500 data sets with cal protocol, AQA flag
Sample Identification Alphanumeric entry via keypad
Firmware update via USB
Interface RS232, USB, printer via PC or RS232
Storage condition instrument – 25 to + 65 °C (13 to 149 °F)
Operating temperature range +5 to + 55 °C (41 to 131 °F)

+5 to + 40 °C (41…104 °F) with a power plug connected

GLP-compliant PC software Turb® Data
Dimensions (H x W x D) 290 x 190 x 80 mm (11.42 x 7.48 x 3.15 inches)
Weight 1.1 kg (0.22 lbs)
Calibration standards Cal.Kit for 3-P standard calibration: long-term stable polymer AMCO® Clear standards (0.02, 10.0, 1000 FNU/NTU)
Vials, sample volume 28 mm diameter vials, min. volume 15 ml, borosilicate glass, phenolic resin cap, PTFE-coated rubber seal. No silicon oil is required to cover scratches for the measurement procedure!
Sample conditions Sample temperature < 70 °C (158 °F)
Power supply Wide range power supply with plugs for Euro, US, UK, and Australia
Certificates CE
Delivery scope Lab turbidimeter Turb® 750 T, four 1.5 V AA type batteries, wide-range power supply, cable USB-A to USB-B mini, six empty 28 mm vials, cap labels for orientation marking, Cal.Kit Turb® 750 T, cloth, quick guide, compact operation manual, extended manual, Turb® Data PC software, inspection protocol

Turb750 Product Brochure | XA00230


Turb750 Spec Sheet | XA00231


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