EQP Series

Analysis of positive and negative ions, neutrals, and radicals

  • Model: EQP Series
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical


The Hiden EQP Series quadrupole mass spectrometer systems are designed for direct analysis of plasma ion mass and energy in both plasma characterisation and process diagnostic applications. The series is expanded to include Hiden’s flagship 20 mm quadrupole mass spectrometer, the EQP-20.



  • Plasma Characterisation
  • Plasma Etching and ALE
  • HiPIMS
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) Coatings
  • DC Magnetron Deposition of SiBCN Films

All systems measure both positive and negative ions, with the integral electron bombardment ion source enabling neutrals and radicals analysis and featuring an advanced appearance potential scanning routine. Additionally the Electron Attachment Ionisation mode is developed specifically for studies of electro-negative species.

The new EQP-20 system is ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-high resolution and specifically developed for applications such as the analysis of hydrogen isotope plasmas. The EQP-20 can be operated in both the first and second quadrupole stability regions, Zone I and Zone H, allowing very high resolution in the mass range to 200 amu and ultra -high resolution in the range to 20 amu. Features include 0.026 amu mass separation and real time quantification of Deuterium and Helium to 10 parts per million levels in Zone H operation.

The 9 mm quadrupole diameter, EQP-9 is the high performance system of choice for high mass plasma analysis. With mass range options to 5000 amu, compound and cluster ion plasmas can be characterised.  Alternative mass ranges can be specified with an additional RF Power supply, giving the system further flexibility, suitable for a wide variety of plasma applications. The most cost effective of the series, the 6 mm diameter EQP-6, features Hiden’s triple filter quadrupole, for high sensitivity and stability measurements of plasma species.

EQP Series Mass range options are:

  • EQP-6 – 300, 510 amu.
  • EQP-9 – 50, 300, 510, 1000, 2500, 5000 amu.
  • EQP-20 – 20/200 amu.

Energy range is 100 eV as standard, 1000 eV is optional.

System features:

  • +ve and -ve ion analysis
  • Appearance potential spectra for radical’s analysis
  • Electronattachment ionisation mode option for analysis of electronegative radicals
  • Magneticshielding options for operation in magnetically
  • confinedplasma
  • Programmable signal gating option for afterglow studies.
  • Integralsector field energy analyser for ion energy distributions
  • Windows®MASsoft Professional PC software with RS232, and Ethernet communication link
Mass Range: 0:20 amu, 0:50 amu, 0:200 amu, 1:300 amu, 2:510 amu, 2:1000 amu, 10:2500 amu, or 10:5000 amu.
Sampling Range: 10-3  to 0.5 mbar with 80 l/s turbomolecular pump
Mass Resolution: Defined as peak width at a % peak height. Standard Settings:


300 amu: 1 amu at 5% peak height throughout the mass range.
510 amu: 1 amu at 10% peak height at mass 28 amu.


50 amu: 0.5% Valley between adjacent peaks of equal height.
300/510 amu: 1 amu at 5% peak height throughout the mass range.
1000 amu: 1 amu at 10% peak height at mass 1000 amu.
2500 amu: 4 amu at 10% peak height at mass 2471 amu.
5000 amu: 6 amu at 10% peak height at mass 4808 amu


20 amu: 0.006 amu at 10% peak height at mass 4 (m/Δm = 1000 FWHM)
200 amu 0.07 amu at 10% peak height at mass 40 (m/Δm = 600 FWHM)
Detector Ion Counting detector, positive and negative ion detection. Up to 107 counts/s into 24 bit resolution counting electronics.

Faraday option extends to 5×1010

Detector Range: 1:107
Signal Gating: Detector gating by direct TTL input, gating resolution to 0.1 µs. Optional MCS mode with 50 ns time resolution.
Energy Analyser: 450 sector field.

Energy range 100 eV (1000 eV optional). Energy pass band 0.5 eV.

Transmission 100% within pass band.

Ion Source: Electron impact, radially symmetric with twin filaments
Mass Filter: 3 stages each of 4 poles.

Pole diameter:  EQP-6 systems 6.00 mm. EQP-9 systems 9.00 mm.

EQP-20 systems 20.00 mm

Bakeout Temperature: 250°C
Vacuum Protection: External trip for remote protection.

Internal trip operative in RGA mode only.

Mounting Flange: DN-63-CF 4½ inch (114 mm OD) Conflat type flange.

EQP-20: DN-150-CF 8 inch (200 mm OD) Conflat type flange.

Probe Insertion: 214 mm from probe mounting flange (up to 750 mm optional).
RC 7 Plasma/SIMS Interface  Unit Height 315 mm/7U

Width 19 inch rack mounting 

Depth 450 mm

RC 7 interface to PC: Up to 15 m with RS232 link.

Up to 750 m with unbridged Ethernet link.

5 m Ethernet and 5 m RS232 cables included.

Power Requirement: 100 – 240 Vac, 50 – 60 Hz, 1.0 kVa

Hiden EQP Mass/Energy Analyser for Plasma Diagnostics and Characterisation (Introduction)


Hiden EQP Applications Mass/Energy Analyser for Plasma Diagnostics and Characterisation


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