Process Mass Spectrometer GAM 3000

PreciseOnlineGas Analysisin Industrial Process, Product and Environmental Control

  • Model: GAM 3000
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec

GAM 3000 Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for fast and reliable online gas analysis to control industrial processes in chemistry, pharmacy, metallurgy and biotechnology, customized for specific applications.

Robust quality of vacuum system and long-time stability of ion source, analyzer, detection and calibration with safe protection versus environmental hazards are base for uptimes close to 100 percent in demanding industrial process control.

GAM 3000 supplied with embedded control system and IPI-QMS system and application software to execute fully automated all routines for quick calibration and online process monitoring, available with auto start after power-off



  • Process gas quadrupole mass spectrometer for fast automated online gas analysis in industry and research.
  • Hyperbolic quadrupole analyzer with prefilter, patented for optimal analyte ion transfer into the analyzer.
  • Electronics: Patented digital regulation of the HF-generator with automated resonance alignment. Digitally controlled analyzer parameters for fast mass change, precise mass identification, measurement and online evaluation.
  • Fast, embedded control system with WINDOWS® based IPI-QMS system and application software for automatic calibrations and process gas measurements.
  • IPI process gas valve battery with ports for two process gases (response time <300 ms), six calibration gases and flange for safe waste disposal, control of bypass pressure and system tightness with independent pressure gauges.


GAM 3000 – System with embedded controller. Complies with IP 54 protection class and will be delivered with heat exchanger for internal cooling.

Optional: Special GAM 3000 version with ATEX certificate for installation in explosive areas of Zone 1 or Zone 2

GAM 3000 – Configuration is customized according to specific requirements of the analytical application.

GAM 3000 – Standard inlet system for the measurement of constant concentrations of gas mixtures allows to connect six calibration and two process gas lines with 6 mm or 1/4 inch plugs.

GAM 3000 – Analysis of reactive, corrosive or condensing gas components possible Optional: heatable gas inlet.

GAM 3000 – Optional connection to the laboratory data (LIMS) or other process control systems.

GAM 3000 – Connection to user PLC through OPC (OLE for Process Control)

Digital: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, other bus systems or analog signals on request.

GAM 3000 – Low cost of ownership as a result of long service intervals and short response times, as well as longtime stability characterize our system.

Mass Range: Standard 1 – 300 amu (atomic mass unit), optional 1 to 512 amu


Mass Resolution: 1 amu

Dynamic Range of Measurement: Up to 8 Decades

Speed of Measurement: 4 ms to 60 seconds per mass

Detection Limit: 10 ppb (parts per billion)

Reproducibility of Measurements of Air:

  • Major components: > 10% better than 0.1% relative (rel.)
  • Side components: > 0.5% better than 0.2% rel.
  • Traces: > 100 ppm (parts per million) better than 1.0% rel. Dimensions / Weight: 600 x 800 x 1105 mm (width x depth x height) / approximately 190 kg Specifications subject to change

TSP Direct MS GAM 3000


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