Custom cabinet for Chromatotec analyzers

  • Model: SHELTER
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec




Turnkey solution integrating Chromatotec analyzers and generators in an air-conditioned or heated shelter.

Chromatotec requires that instrumentation have to be operated in an environment that does not bias measurement.

Compact, this measuring cabin is designed for outdoor and indoor use.

  • 1 front door closed by 3 points linkage and polyamide swivel handle key 1242E
  • Body studs and grounding door, 4 lifting holes, 4 fixing holes on the floor or on a plinth
  • 2 sets of uprights 19` fixed adjustable in depth
  • Interior insulation on all sides by aluminized rock wool 40mm thick
  • 304L stainless steel painted RAL 7035 fixed by blind insert on the lower right side of the cabinet, robust chassis.
  • Monitoring of inside temperateure of the shelter with trend on internal computeur RTDB of the analyzer
  • Monitoring of inside humidity of the shelter with trend on internal computer of the analyzer.
Air conditioning type • 10 000 BTU HV AC air conditionning
Heating type • On the side mount
• 400W
Materials of construction • Low VOC emitting materials
• Non-rusting components
• Premium components
External Dimensions and weight • Height: 1900 mm
• Width: 800 mm
• Depth: 1102 mm
• Net Weight: depends on configuration
Internal Dimensions • Height: 1700 mm
• Width: 600 mm
• Depth: 900 mm
To order Model:

TSP Shelter


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