For ultra-high resolution & sensitivity analysis of hydrogen isotopes and light gases

  • Model: HPR-20 DLS
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

The Hiden HPR-20 DLS gas analysis system is configured for continuous analysis of gases and vapours at pressures near atmosphere in standard form, alternative inlet systems being offered for applications requiring direct sampling from higher pressures to 30 bar. The mass spectrometer includes an ultrahigh resolution mode specifically designed for analysis at low masses, hydrogen isotopes and light gases


  • Hydrogen isotope studies
  • Nuclear fusion research
  • Glovebox monitoring

The Hiden QIC quartz-lined sampling interface operating at up to 200oC provides fast response times of less than 300 millisecond for most common gases and vapours, including water vapour. Corrosive gas sampling capability including a platinum ioniser upgrade for the mass spectrometer, corrosive gas resistant sample line seals and gas dilution/purge valve is included.

The HPR-20 DLS includes Hiden’s DLS 20 triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer with 20mm pole diameter.

Mass range: The DLS 20 includes a unique, user switchable mode allowing the DLS 20 quadrupole mass spectrometer to operate in both the zone I and the zone H stability regions offering ultra-high resolution in the mass range to 20 AMU in the stability zone H and very high-resolution performance up to 200 AMU in the stability zone 1.

Standard features include

  • Uniquedual stability zone quadrupole switching mode: The ultra high resolving power of quadrupole Zone H operationis software selectable providing peak width at FWHM < 0.003 AMU.
  • Massrange 200 AMU, and software switchable to 20 AMU mass range for the ultra high-resolution 
  • Pulseion counting electron multiplier detector with 7 decades continuous dynamic 
  • QICinlet providing <300 ms response time to changes in gas concentratio
  • Fastscan speeds, with up to 650 measurements per second for transient analy
  • Lowdead volume, heated inlet for fast response to gases and vapour
  • Windows®PC software for data acquisition, data display and control of quadrupole parameter
  • Integrationof external signals (temperature for example) simultaneously logged with mass spectrometer dat Two channels, ±10V user labelled and user scalable in units of user choice are included.

HPR-20 DLS Ultra-high Resolution & Sensitivity Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes and Light Gases


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