Moisture monitoring in gaseous samples for concentration between 30 ppb and 5000 ppm

  • Model: DET H2O
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec


A first type of application is the calibration of the other moisture monitors of market, such as Aluminium Oxide Sensors requiring validation : the ppm moisture generator PGE combines a dilution of dry and water saturated streams with electrolysis of the mixture : gas standard can be generated in the range of 30 ppb and 5 000 ppm(v) H2O.

OTHER APPLICATIONS : are related to the Industrial, Medical, Chemical, Petrochemical and Natural gases purity for electric power, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals etc….

​The complete sampling system is engineered for the application and the assembly ATEX certified for zones 1 & 2 when required.



The gas sample flows through a cell containing an electrolytic probe with a double platinum wiring supported by a special glass tube coated with a thin film od P2O5.

A continuos regulated voltage, high enough to reach water bond-dissociation energy is being applied between the two bounds of the probe. As the gas moves toward the end of the cell, the residual water contained in the sample is hydrolyzed under the surface of the probe.

According to Faraday’s Law, the consumed current (in mA) is directly related to the amount of water hydrolyzed; 96,500 Coulombs are then necessary to dissociate 9 grams of water.

The current variation measured there is converted by a physical calculation, into ppb or ppm (V) or (p) and displayed by the Moisture Monitor Control unit. The dew points are expressed in ⁰C or ⁰F at referenced pressure, or in lb./MMSCFT.

Some dedicated applications have been developed such as :

  • Moisture monitoring at outlet Chlorine gas driers with sample wetted materials in Monel 400 , PTFE , glass and platinum.
  • Moisture measurement in Natural Gas with porous membrane barrier for glycol, Hg …contaminants elimination.
  • Moisture measurement in Refinery Catalytic Reformer with corrosive version for HCL, CL2 and H2S contaminants.


Reference moisture monitoring: Fundamental measurement of the humidity is based on Faraday’s Law, which requires no calibration.

Moisture monitoring accuracy: Conventional hygrometers offer ranges of dew point measurements between -80 and -20⁰C (0.5 to 1020 ppm) or between -60 and 0⁰C (10 to 6000 ppm). How can you obtain accurate results in the critical 0-10 ppm (V) range? Our hygrometer is directly programmable between 0-10 ppm (V) or 0-1500 ppm (V/p). It also allows the user to set it to give dew point in ⁰C or ⁰F at referenced pressure or in lb./MMSCFT.

Fast response: Within 10 minutes after connection in line, even at sample moisture levels below 5 ppm(v), with the close microcell. Direct on-line connection and no required additional sampling equipment: The integrated probe holder controls and reduces flows and pressures automatically. No required adjustment for porcess pressure variations between 1,4 and 20 bar g. With the built-in pressure controller, minimal surface contact with the sample indicates that stabilization is not linked with the response time of the moisture monitor.

Low maintenance of Moisture Monitor: The Moisture Monitor probe requires only to be regenerated by the end user according to the procedure specified in the Instruction Manual; once or twice a year.


  • Stationary or portable Hygrometer.
  • Special application for measurements in ppb (30 ppb to ppm).
  • 200 bar g sample in upon request.
  • Moisture Monitor block conditioning wetted parts can be offered in brass nickel plated or SS 316L; with VCR fittings for ppb moisture measurements in ultra pure gases or in Monel 400 for application on chlorine or corrosive gases.
  • Intrinsic safety option ATEX EExi available.
  • Serial RS232C or RS485: bi-directional loop 200mA300 to 2400 bauds or field bus <<Device Net>>.
  • Power supply: 85 to 250 VAC – 50/60Hz or 24 VAC or 10 to 30 VDC
Detection range : • Programming from 0 to 10ppm(V) or 0 to 1500 ppm(v) equivalent value in dew point at referenced pressure.
• Possibility of decimal switching over to ranges:for instance 0-10 / 0-100 ppm(v) (optional).
Performance : • Resolution: 0.05% of measuring range nand a minimum of 0.05ppm(V).
• Sensitivity: 0.02% of measuring range and a minimum of 0.05ppm(V).
• Repeatability: Linear results.
Communication : • Double-threshold moisture alarm programmable.
• Read-out: Up to 5 digits by LED Display.
• 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA or 0-10V (programmable).
• Isolated
• Accuracy: 0.1% of range
• Resolution: 12 bits.
• Impedance maxi: 500 ohms for output in current.
• Impedance mini: 10 ohms for output in volts.
Power Supply : • 100/220 V – 50Hz
• Portable unit battery: 4h autonomy.
• Sensor/Control unit interconnection: current loop 2 wires, maximum line impedance: 10 ohms for loop
Gas supply : • Sample pressure: 1.4 to 20 bar g.
• Sample temperature: -20 to 80⁰C.
• Sample analyzer flow rate: 100 Ncc³/min
• Sample by-pass flow rate: Q (sl/h)= inlet pressure (bar g) x 11
• E.g.: for 10 bars g inlet pressure; Q=110 sl/h
To order: Model :
Moisture analyzer with P205 electrolytic sensor to be controlled and integrated in GC 866 (not inluded) DET H2O



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