Reecotech provides data for 12 Hydrological Stations on the Da River Hydropower Cascade

The Da River, one of the largest rivers in Vietnam, has 5 hydropower plants including: Hoa Binh, Son La, Lai Chau, Ban Chat and Huoi Quang. The Da River hydropower system not only provides a large amount of electricity but also plays an important role in regulating the Da River basin, contributing to reducing the risk of floods and droughts. Accordingly, the total capacity of the 5 hydropower plants on the Da River reaches 6040 MW, accounting for about 17% of the total capacity of the Vietnam’s power system. The average electricity output from these plants is 24.8 billion kWh/year, contributing significantly to the energy supply for the country.

To achieve optimal operating efficiency of hydropower plants on the Da River, hydrometeorological monitoring becomes extremely important. These plants need accurate information on rainfall and flood flow to manage and regulate water resources.

Recently, Reecotech has been awarded a contract by Son La Hydropower Company – a branch of Vietnam Electricity Group to implement the project of Providing data from 12 hydrometeorological stations on the Da River. The objectives of the project are:

  • Collect regular, continuous data, data can be extracted at any time according to abnormal weather or natural disasters;
  • Continuous monitoring of dam safety;
  • Accurately measure water level/flow/rainfall in all weather conditions, flood or dry season, to serve the operation and regulation of reservoirs;
  • Transmit measured values to the center by communication protocol for remote users via internet and 4G mobile network,…
Sơ đồ vị trí các trạm quan trắc tại Thủy điện sông Đà
Diagram of the location of monitoring stations at Da River Hydropower

A complete monitoring system with continuously updated real-time data will help the reservoir operator closely monitor the changes of flood water in the domestic basin. Hydrometeorological forecasting information will be the input for the analysis system, optimizing the operation of the cascade reservoirs on the Da River to effectively exploit water resources, limit spillage and optimize power generation efficiency.

BSR hướng tới phát triển nhiên liệu hàng không bền vững (SAF) Reecotech provides data for 12 Hydrological Stations on the Da River Hydropower Cascade
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