Providing Online Salinity Monitoring Data to Support Water Resources Management for Water Supply and Drainage Enterprises

In recent years, saltwater intrusion has become a serious challenge for both domestic and agricultural water sources in coastal areas, especially in Ben Tre province. This phenomenon not only threatens the safety and security of water resources but also poses significant challenges for water resource management and environmental sustainability.

Based on investigation and assessment results, the groundwater resources of Ben Tre province have complex hydrogeological characteristics, relatively low reserves, and are mostly saline and acidic water. The salinity intrusion situation on the main rivers in the province is complicated, with salinity intrusion occurring rapidly and deeply inland, more severe than the historical drought and salinity period in the dry season of 2016. Salinity of more than 4‰ intrudes about 53-68km from the river mouths, and salinity of 1‰ covers the whole province. Therefore, investing in water quality monitoring technology and services is becoming extremely important

From 2020 to present, in order to serve the purpose of early warning of saltwater intrusion and effective water resources management, Ben Tre Water Supply Joint Stock Company (Bewaco) has chosen the Online Salinity Monitoring Data Provision Service to support the water resources management of REECO Science and Technology Company Limited (Reecotech). Online salinity data helps Bewaco to monitor salinity changes at key locations over time and season, to coordinate and allocate water resources in a reasonable manner, ensuring the best quality of water for domestic use.

Trạm đo độ mặn online của Reecotech
Reecotech’s online salinity station is installed in My Thanh An commune, Ben Tre

In order to ensure accurate and continuous salinity monitoring data, Reecotech has deployed a turnkey service including: design, installation, operation, and maintenance of automatic salinity monitoring station systems at representative locations on rivers in My Thanh An commune, Son Hoa commune, An Hoa commune, Tan Phu commune, Chau Thanh district, and Ben Tre city. Reecotech’s automatic salinity monitoring station system uses modern sensors that are calibrated and certified according to regulations, and is integrated with an automatic cleaning and antifouling device, providing high accuracy and reliability data.

Salinity data at the stations is collected, processed and displayed through VnEmisoft software developed by Reecotech. Monitoring data from the stations is transmitted to the center (server) and provided in real time with high stability. The system will automatically analyze and issue early warnings of saltwater intrusion risk via SMS, Email, and notifications on the mobile application (Mobile App). VnEmisoft uses advanced algorithms to predict saltwater intrusion trends in the short and long term, helping authorities take timely preventive measures.

Biểu đồ độ mặn theo thời gian real-time hỗ trợ khách hàng đánh giá tổng quan về độ mặn trên toàn khu vực
Real-time Salinity Chart: Providing Customers with a Comprehensive Overview of Salinity Levels Across the Region
Theo dõi bảo trì bảo dưỡng trên VnEmisoft
VnEmisoft software plays an important role in supporting the Reecotech technical team in maintaining salinity measuring stations.

“Since the salinity monitoring station system was put into operation, water resources management has become more convenient. Bewaco can make accurate plans for water adjustment, ensuring the supply of fresh water for the community even during the dry season and saline intrusion period. We highly appreciate the cooperative relationship with Reecotech and believe that the online salinity monitoring station system will continue to bring many benefits to Bewaco and the community.” According to a representative of Bewaco.


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