QIC BioStream

For fermentation monitoring from varied flow rate fermentation reactors

  • Model: QIC BioStream
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical
The Hiden QIC BioStream system is a gas analysis system for continuous analysis of gases and vapours from multiple fermentation reactors with multi off-gas and multi reactor dissolved gas species analysis capability.
A high-performance Proteus multi-stream valve supplied with 20, 40 or 80 inlet streams is included with programmable sequence control software for analysis of multiple reactors. Streams can be allocated for either dissolved species analysis or off-gas analysis.


  • High purity gas analysis
  • Fermentation
  • Fuel cells
  • Gas production and storage
  • Environmental monitoring

The system includes Hiden’s QIC inlet, a fast response quartz lined inert sampling capillary providing less than one second response to gas and vapour species. The capillary is of robust flexible construction operating at controllable temperatures up to 160oC. The fast response and recovery of the QIC inlet to vapour species far exceeds conventional capillary inlets.

A Hiden triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer, the HAL/3F 301, is included for stable, sensitive analysis and tuned for optimum abundance sensitivity with 100 AMU mass range. The HAL/3F 301 RC has a detection capability from 100% to 5 ppb, subject to spectral interference.

The system includes QGA 2 PC software

QGA 2 is a National Instruments LabVIEW™ application providing quantitative analysis of up to 32 gas and vapour species. QGA 2 includes calibration routines, and internal algorithms for calculation and real time display of the oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide evolution rate (CER) and respiratory quotient RQ.

Data is displayed in real time with tabular and multi stream data views. A real time OPC-DA data output is included for simple integration with distributed control systems, DCS for industrial process control. An OPC-UA interface licence is offered as an option OUR and CER are calculated using multiple methods including method 1, where the absolute OUR and CER are quantified using the selected stream flow rate.

A system integrated mass flow meter providing automated measurement of the selected stream flow rate is offered as an option.


Mass Range 200 or 300 amu
Operating Modes
  • Process trend analysis
  • Bar Scan
  • Profile Scan
Mass Spectrometer Precision Triple Filter Quadrupole – 200 amu is standard
Inlet 20, 40 or 80-way multiplexed inlet multiple stream sampling
Data Acquisition & Control Windows 7/8/10 compatible with Ethernet, USB and serial
QIC BioStream System 1050mm x 550mm x 1260mm
QIC BioStream-C bench-top 530mm x 535mm x 936mm

QIC BioStream Flyer


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