Kolkwitz chamber

Tray for easy enumeration of small amounts of phytoplankton

The Plankton Chamber acc. to Kolkwitz has been designed for easy enumeration of small amounts of phytoplankton. Due to the small dimensions the chambers can be used with standard microscopes, inverted microscopes and stereo microscopes. Made from glass the chambers are precisely adjusted to their nominal volume. The cover plates are marked with an orthogonal counting grid (1 mm) for an easy zoning of the sample.

Feature Plankton Chamber 0.5 ml (435 015) Plankton Chamber 1.0 ml (435 016)
Length 33 mm 33 mm
Width 33 mm 33 mm
Height 1.3 mm 2.6 mm
Sample Volume 0.5 ml 1.0 ml
Material Glass Glass
Product ID 435 015 435 016

Datasheet Kolkwitz chamber 0.5 ml ( 435 015 )


Datasheet Kolkwitz chamber 1.0 ml ( 435 016 )


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