Reecotech Contributes to Improving Saigon River Water Quality with the Hoa Phu Pumping Station Water Quality Buoy System

Equipping the Hoa Phu Pumping Station with a water quality monitoring buoy system is not only an important step in ensuring the quality of water after it is treated and supplied, but also a proactive measure to detect early problems related to river water quality. This is extremely necessary, especially in the context of the need to strengthen water resources management and environmental protection.

Reeco Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has just been awarded the contract for the project to equip the Hoa Phu Pumping Station river water quality monitoring buoy system, invested by the Tan Hiep Water Plant, Saigon Water Corporation Limited Liability Company. This system is deployed on the lower Saigon River, which plays an important role in ensuring clean water for the community.

Sông Sài Gòn bị nhiễm mặn
The Saigon River passing through Tan Hiep Water Plant in the dry season is invaded by water hyacinths and the water is salty

Project implementation includes field surveys, technical design, equipment supply, and installation and commissioning of a complete water quality monitoring buoy system. The system automatically monitors and transmits real-time data on water quality parameters. Modern sensors are calibrated and certified according to regulations and integrated with anti-fouling devices to provide accurate data on pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and can be expanded to measure other parameters such as oil, hydrostatic pressure, nitrate, nitrite, etc. Data from these sensors is then transmitted to the plant’s existing SCADA system, which displays measured values, stores data, generates daily/monthly/yearly reports, and provides alerts as needed. The SCADA system also records the historical location of the buoy over time using a GPS system for continuous monitoring and alerts when the buoy moves from its installed location. This allows managers to monitor and assess water quality conveniently and accurately, and to take timely corrective action.

The water quality monitoring buoy system is a practical and effective solution that brings practical benefits to the community and contributes positively to environmental protection and local sustainable development.

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