Mass Spectrometers for Thin Films, Plasma and Surface Engineering


The development of thin films and their deposition methods have significantly contributed to the improvement of many industries over the past century. These industries include: Semiconductor, Magnetic recording material, Integrated circuits, LEDs, Optical coatings (such as anti-reflective coatings), Hard coatings for tool protection, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, …

Thin film processing plays an important role in the research, development, and functionalization of surfaces. The application of this technology is very broad in the fields of: Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Optoelectronics, Mechanics, Optics, Photonics, Textiles, Surface coating, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine

Thin Film Processing Techniques:

    • Magnetron sputtering: A thin film deposition technique that bombards a metal cathode with ions generated in a magnetic field.
    • ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition): A method of depositing atomic layer by layer, allowing control of film thickness at the atomic level.
    • CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition): A technique for depositing thin films from the gas phase, using chemical reactions between precursor gases.
    • MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition): A variant of CVD that uses metal organic compounds as precursors.
    • PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition): Plasma-assisted CVD, which improves the deposition rate and properties of the film.
    • MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy): A technique for depositing epitaxial thin films from molecular beams.
    • RIE (Reactive Ion Etching): A plasma etching technique that uses reactive ions to selectively etch materials.
    • IBE/RIBE (Ion Beam Etch and Reactive Ion Beam Etch): A material etching technique using an ion beam or reactive ion beam.

Each technique is typically used for a specific application, requiring specific process parameters to create the desired surface/film properties. Hiden Analytical quadrupole mass spectrometers provide insight into the processing and characterization of thin films, enabling optimization of thin film production and surface quality. Hiden systems are individually configured to ensure optimum sensitivity and speed in analysis.

màng mỏng, nghiên cứu Plasma và kỹ thuật bề mặt


Control of critical reaction components in optical thin film coating:

Hiden Analytical mass spectrometries include industry-standard data interface options to enable integration of automatic production control. Hiden’s ultra-sensitive residual gas analyzers can detect moisture, hydrocarbons, and leaks, allowing for production monitoring. Hiden’s residual gas analyzer line includes systems for monitoring a variety of processing techniques, including evaporation, plasma, CVD, and magnetron sputtering.

Thin film and surface engineering

Hiden mass spectrometers are used for process control including SIMS endpoint detection of ion beam etching of magnetic thin films, III-V layers including gallium arsenide, and superconducting thin films including YBaCuO (yttrium barium copper oxide), and for flux monitoring when precise control of film growth is required in MBE (molecular beam epitaxy).

UHV Surface Science

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is used as a lubricant in cosmetics, food additive [E900] and a sealant very popular in the industry. However, PDMS can decompose into silicon dioxide (glass), forming an insulating layer in electronic devices and making it difficult to bond surfaces, it is also very difficult to remove. Hiden Analytical’s SIMS equipment can easily detect the presence of this important industrial contaminant.

FIB-SIMS for Nano-scale Materials Analysis

SIMS is critical for dopant analysis in semiconductor materials, applications in direct measurement of ion implantation dose and diffusion; measuring layer thickness, layer sharpness and alloy composition; and monitoring metallization, passivation and contamination processes.

Plasma Deposition for Enhanced Surface Charateristics

Mass spectrometry contributes to the study of biocatalytic reaction kinetics by directly measuring the consumption and production of gases generated by enzymes through real-time high-sensitivity mass spectrometry.

Plasma Etching & ALE (Atomic Layer Etching)

In plasma processing, it is crucial to maintain optimal plasma conditions for the process. Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) is a two-step process that enables reliable, precise etching of one atomic layer at a time. The first step involves creating a reaction layer on the surface. The second step removes this layer and the underlying substrate in a self-limiting manner. For the second step to be self-limiting, it is important that the ion energy is higher than the sputtering threshold of the reaction layer but lower than that of the substrate. The radical and ion fluxes are also important for the formation of the reaction layer. Hiden PSM or EQP is used to monitor both the flux of radicals and ions and their energy in real time.

Plasma Characterization Studies

Plasma-based technologies are used in many industrial processes, and new applications are rapidly developing. In the microelectronics industry, the need for higher throughput and smaller device sizes means that process and understanding are critical. Hiden plasma probes measure a number of key plasma parameters and provide insights into the plasma reaction chemistry.

System device

Mass spectrometers used in gas analysis
Máy phân tích quá trình chân không HPR-30 Series

HPR-30 Series

Residual gas analysis systems for vacuum process analysis
Find out more
Máy phân tích khối lượng và năng lượng để nghiên cứu plasma


A mass and energy analyser for plasma diagnostics
Find out more
Hệ thống nghiên cứu plasma

EQP Series

Analysis of positive and negative ions, neutrals, and radicals
Find out more


for Analysis of Neutrals, Neutral Radicals and Ions
Find out more
Máy phân tích phổ khối ion thứ cấp được bơm vi sai IMP-EPD


A system for ion etch control and optimum process quality
Find out more
Hệ thống phân tích chùm phân tử XBS RC


A system for multiple source monitoring in MBE deposition applications
Find out more

SIMS Workstation

A UHV surface analysis system for thin film depth profiling
Find out more
Hệ thống phổ khối ion thứ cấp (SIMS)


Automatic Surface Analysis System
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Compact SIMS

Compact SIMS

Compact SIMS instrument optimised for depth profiling at the nanometer scale
Find out more
Hệ thống nghiên cứu giải hấp nhiệt độ lập trình chân không cao

TPD Workstation

A system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD/TDS) studies
Find out more

Other solutions

Related solutions in mass spectrometry systems

Online gas chromatography in ambient air monitoring / aqms

To meet the requirements of European and US EPA regulations for continuous air quality monitoring, Chromatotec has developed automated gas chromatography systems to analyze BTX, sulfur compounds and VOCs in urban areas to ensure compliance and improve air quality. In addition, Chromatotec also offers an EPA-approved all-in-one analysis solution for accurate VOC analysis to meet on-site monitoring standards.
Hệ thống sắc ký khí tự động ứng dụng giám sát không khí môi trường xung quanh

Online gas chromatography in ambient air monitoring / aqms

Online gas chromatography in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) application

Chromatotec's gas chromatography system is used in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to accurately monitor and analyze the components of industrial plant emissions. It is suitable for both safe and hazardous areas, ensuring operator safety.
Hệ thống quan trắc giám sát khí thải tự động, liên tục (CEMS)

Online gas chromatography in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) application

Online gas chromatography in Natural gases, biogas, LPG application

With the ability to accurately analyze at very low concentrations (ppm and ppb), the Chromatotec Gas Chromatography System supports effective odor control and deodorization, ensuring product safety and quality in the energy industry.
Natural gases, biogas, LPG

Online gas chromatography in Natural gases, biogas, LPG application

Online gas chromatography in pure gases / gas manufacturers and corrosive

Chromatotec’s analyzers ensure high-quality gas control in the U.H.P. and Specialties industries. In the medical sector, their moisture monitor, DET H2O, precisely detects moisture in medical and pure gases as per European Pharmacopoeia standards.
Gas Manufacturers and corrosive

Online gas chromatography in pure gases / gas manufacturers and corrosive

Online gas chromatography in industrial air application

Gas chromatography (GC) is an analytical technique widely used in industrial production with diverse applications in many chemical, food, oil and gas, environmental industries... including: Material analysis , inspect products, monitor production processes...
sắc ký khí tự động

Online gas chromatography in industrial air application

Mass spectrometers for advanced surface analysis applications

For the determination of surface composition, contaminant analysis and depth profiling
phân tích bề mặt vật liệu

Mass spectrometers for advanced surface analysis applications

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