Mass spectrometer for residual gas analyzer


Residual gas analysis analyzes low levels of residual gas that remain in a vacuum chamber following the pump down. Such gases may include residues from ambient air such as oxygen, nitrogen, and water, along with process residues that may include reactants such as silane, organometallics, halides, etc., and reaction products such as ammonia, hydrogen, moisture, etc.. Remaining gas System leaks and hydrocarbons that backstream into the process chamber from the pumping system can also cause pollutants to accumulate in vacuum chambers.
Phân tích khí dư

The Reecotech company is the sole distributor of Hiden Analytical’s residual gas analysis (RGA) system in Vietnam. The RGA system is a quadrupole mass spectrometer that is designed to analyze gas types using data collected in real time to give users instantly updated data on the status and partial pressure prediction of residual gas in a vacuum. The information is utilized for vacuum system pollution monitoring, process control, and environmental analysis.

Residual gas analysis mass spectrometry systems can monitor vacuum quality by identifying and quantifying contaminants in a vacuum environment. The RGA is a very sensitive tool for finding gas leaks.

The RGA is usually attached directly to the vacuum chamber. The system performs a variety of functions that are difficult to achieve with other analytical methods including analysis of reactions occurring in different gas phases, and monitoring of changes occurring in any gaseous environment. , vacuum leak detection, and mass flow controller testing.

Principle of operation:

The RGA effectively determines the chemical components of the gas within a vacuum, by ionizing the various gases present to create ions before determining their mass-to-charge ratio.


Hiden Analytical’s residual gas quadrupole mass spectrometry system is equipped with multi-level and intuitive software, making it simple to operate for new users, while also incorporating many useful and advanced features. for experts in vacuum research

    • Residual gas analysis: Residual gas analysis over a  wide dynamic range, fast analysis speed and instant data updates provide vacuum chamber leak detection, vacuum quality measurement and monitoring, virtual leak detection, outgassing studies, and bakeout cycle/vacuum pump down monitoring.
    • Systems for Quality Control and Characterisation of MBE Processes: Molecular beam epitaxiality can only be performed under ultra-high vacuum, thin film quality and film forming speed are highly dependent on the purity of the vacuum medium. The HALO 201 MBE residual gas analysis system is designed to analyze vacuum contamination levels and control the ionization zone of the probe to prevent accidental surface deposition. Combined with the Hiden XBS sedimentation rate monitor to analyze the fragment beam and provide signals to control the atomic sedimentation speed.
    • Molecular Beam Studies: Hiden’s 3F Series 1000 RGA mass spectrometers feature an ion pulse counter detector and built-in signal port for efficient molecular beam analysis, and a cross-molecular beam analyzer for analysis of fractions. The highly sensitive element prevents contamination of the ionizer and quadrupole from condensed gas residues in the beam.
    • Vacuum Process Gas Analysers for CVD / MOCVD / ALD: It is a crucial method used in the production of LEDs and LDs. Hiden’s residual gas analyzers research gas reaction kinetics, evaluate gas composition in industrial processes and monitor chemical vapor deposition processes. They also give information on gas reactions while monitoring.
    • Residual Gas Analysis for Vacuum Processing: Hiden Analytical’s residual gas analysis system provides rigorous monitoring of the vacuum process, providing precise monitoring of gas composition to improve process productivity and product quality..

System device

Mass spectrometry devices used in the field of gas analysis
RGA Series

RGA Series

Systems for the examination of components present in a vessel or evolved from a process
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Hệ thống phân tích khối lượng tứ cực cho giám sát quá trình và chuẩn đoán chân không


A quadrupole mass spectrometer for process monitoring and vacuum diagnostics
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Hệ thống phân tích các thành phần của khí dư trong buồng chân không HALO 201 MBE


A gas analysis system for molecular beam epitaxy applications
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Hệ thống phân tích chùm phân tử XBS RC


A system for multiple source monitoring in MBE deposition applications
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máy khối phổ tứ cực

3F PIC / 1000 Series PIC

The quadrupole mass spectrometer for science applications
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Phân tích đồng vị Hidro và Heli cùng các khí nhẹ


Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for Ultra-High Resolution & Sensitivity Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes and Light Gases
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Hệ thống phân tích ion, trung tính

IDP / IDP 1000 Series

A system for analysis of ions, neutrals and radicals in UHV desorption studies
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Other solutions

Related solutions in mass spectrometry systems

Online gas chromatography in ambient air monitoring / aqms

To meet the requirements of European and US EPA regulations for continuous air quality monitoring, Chromatotec has developed automated gas chromatography systems to analyze BTX, sulfur compounds and VOCs in urban areas to ensure compliance and improve air quality. In addition, Chromatotec also offers an EPA-approved all-in-one analysis solution for accurate VOC analysis to meet on-site monitoring standards.
Hệ thống sắc ký khí tự động ứng dụng giám sát không khí môi trường xung quanh

Online gas chromatography in ambient air monitoring / aqms

Online gas chromatography in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) application

Chromatotec's gas chromatography system is used in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to accurately monitor and analyze the components of industrial plant emissions. It is suitable for both safe and hazardous areas, ensuring operator safety.
Hệ thống quan trắc giám sát khí thải tự động, liên tục (CEMS)

Online gas chromatography in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) application

Online gas chromatography in Natural gases, biogas, LPG application

With the ability to accurately analyze at very low concentrations (ppm and ppb), the Chromatotec Gas Chromatography System supports effective odor control and deodorization, ensuring product safety and quality in the energy industry.
Natural gases, biogas, LPG

Online gas chromatography in Natural gases, biogas, LPG application

Online gas chromatography in pure gases / gas manufacturers and corrosive

Chromatotec’s analyzers ensure high-quality gas control in the U.H.P. and Specialties industries. In the medical sector, their moisture monitor, DET H2O, precisely detects moisture in medical and pure gases as per European Pharmacopoeia standards.
Gas Manufacturers and corrosive

Online gas chromatography in pure gases / gas manufacturers and corrosive

Online gas chromatography in industrial air application

Gas chromatography (GC) is an analytical technique widely used in industrial production with diverse applications in many chemical, food, oil and gas, environmental industries... including: Material analysis , inspect products, monitor production processes...
sắc ký khí tự động

Online gas chromatography in industrial air application

Mass spectrometers for advanced surface analysis applications

For the determination of surface composition, contaminant analysis and depth profiling
phân tích bề mặt vật liệu

Mass spectrometers for advanced surface analysis applications

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