Add high performance SIMS capability to your existing FIB system

Hiden Analytical offers high-performance bolt-on secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) for existing focused ion beam (FIB) systems, providing outstanding surface specificity and a naturally high dynamic range for advanced nanoscale material analysis. Our FIB-SIMS systems are poised to enhance your operations, from routine detection tasks to complex sample preparation.


Using the primary ion beam of your existing FIB system, Hiden offers a high-performance bolt-on FIB-SIMS analysis system. The Hiden EQS1000 quadrupole SIMS probe is a high sensitivity, surface specific instrument which can detect all elements, from H to U, and is ideally suited to the FIB-SIMS application. The naturally high dynamic range and surface specificity of SIMS makes it suited to both routine detection tasks, such as end point detection in milling and sample preparation operations, as well as composition determination in failure analysis.


  • Nano-scale Elemental Surface Mapping
  • 3D Depth Profiling
  • Materials Analysis
  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Customised software interface
  • ‘Feature MS’ mode allows mass spectral data to be gained from a specific area of interest, such as a contaminant, grain boundary etc
  • Customised mounting solutions available for any FIB system
  • Retractable extraction optics allows operation without interference with other analysis equipment

The Hiden SIMS Mapper software controls the FIB beam, gaining elemental images and 3D depth profiles over the SEM’s field of view for nano-scale correlative microscopy.

  • 50nm lateral resolution for surface mapping
  • 5nm depth resolution
  • Analysisof trace elements to ppm levels (thin films, semiconductors, solar cells)
  • Isotopedetection (e.g. 14N, 15N)
  • Elementalmapping and 3d depth profiling
  • Detectionof atomic and molecular ions (e.g. Si+ and SiO2+)

FIB – SIMS | Focussed Ion Beam Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry


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