C1-C6+ monitoring in natural gas and Wobbe index calculation

  • Model: chromEnergy
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec

The chromEnergy is an industrial gas chromatograph for analysis and monitoring of C1C6+ in natural gas and gaseous fuels by TCD detection.

  • Heating value measurement
  • Natural gas composition
  • Propane composition
  • Product quality / process control
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas transport
  • Process

chromEnergy is an auto-GC coupled to a Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) designed for the analysis hydrocarbons in natural gas and the calculation of Wobbe index.

The TCD is a universal and non-destructive detector that measure the thermal conductivity of the sample eluting from le column. The thermal conductivity of the carrier gas is taken as reference. When a compound elutes from the column, the TCD is able to detect the change in thermal conductivity which produces the signal.

A sampling loop is used to inject a given amount of sample into the analytical columns (packed or capillary). Each column is installed in an oven allowing for their regeneration to avoid contamination and loss of resolution. Hydrocarbons from C1 to C6+ can be continuously monitored from ppm to %. With its stability and robustness, the chromEnergy is ideal for natural gas characterization.

The Vistachrom software enables the used to visualize and store data on a PC. Furthermore, it provides comfortable utilities to recalculate, calibrate and export data and to set-up measurement. The software allows the calculation of retention time, area, mass or concentration profiles.

Cycle time:

  • 12 minutes for C6+ / N2 / CO2 / C1 / C2 / C3 / iso-C4 / n-C4 / neo-C5 / iso-C5 / n-C5
  • 6 minutes in option

Detection Limit:

  • Down to 10 ppm on hexane

Detection Range:

  • ppm to %


  • RSD < 3 % over 48 h (concentration)
  • RSD < 0.5 % over 48 h (retention time)

Gas supply:

  • Carrier gas: He (4 bars inlet): 18 ml/min
  • Pneumatic valve: 90 mL/min commutation (0 ml in option)
  • Calibration inlet: 1 bar, 20 mL/min
  • Sample inlet: 1 bar, 20 mL/min


  • Embeded computer Windows® based
  • 32 GB of Hardware storage on SSD memory
  • Communication protocol MODBUS
  • 4-20mA
  • Ethernet

To order:

  • chromEnergy (integrated computer)
  • Cabinet for ATEX Zone 2
  • Cabinet for CSA Class 1 Division 2
  • CSA International certification
  • C42022
  • XXX060-Z-ATEX
  • XXX060-Z-CSA
  • XXX061

TSP chromEnergy


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