Universal Detector Online analysis and monitoring of permanent gases and/or hydrocarbons from low ppm to %

  • Model: chromaTCD
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec

The chromaTCD is an autoGCTCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) for the analysis of permanent gases and/or hydrocarbons.

Targetted compounds:
  • O2 / CO2 / CO / Ne / H2
  • CH4 / Ethane / Butane / Propane / H2S
  • Pure gas quality control : UHP (Ultra High Purity)
  • Process
  • Fermentation control
  • Dissolved oxygen in water

ChromaTCD : Ne, H2, O2, N2, CO, CH4, CO2 analysis

The continuous mode permanent gas monitor. A highly automated system for routine field measurement of permanent gases on the range.
The chromaTCD is an automatic industrial gas analyzer. The sample comes through the sampling loop. Then the sample is injected into an analytical column for separation. The system uses packed or capillary column.
Application example :
The first column allows to separate CH4, CO2 from the composite peak (Ne, H2, O2, N2, CO), and the compounds of the composit peak are separated on the second column. The temperature setting is isothermal. The Wheatstone bridge is supplied in Voltage. The automatic valve permits the sample’s injection.
In standard we can program the column temperature and cleaning method.
The Vistachrom software enables the user to visualize and store data on a PC. Furthermore, it provides comfortable utilities to recalculate, calibrate and export data and to set-up measurement. The software allows the calculation of retention time, area, mass or concentration profiles.


  • Carrier gas purifier for UHP analysis
  • Automatic data transfert through: Module for 4 outputs 4-20mA / Modbus RTU or TCP IP / MGS1
  • Calculation modules (Average / Statistics / Odor unit OU e/m3 and more)
  • Automatic results validation
  • 24 V power supply
  • Explosion proof version Exp for ATEX, IECEx zone 1 and 2 and also for CSA C1D2
  • Hydrogen and Nitrogen generator
  • Multiple stream selector (up to 16 streams with one analyser)
  • Sampling pump in 24V DC or airmoPUMP (XXX901)
  • Pressure and temperature measure
  • Mass Flow Controller (MFC, in order to improve dilution precision and so calibration quality)
  • Electric selection valve to reduce air consumption
  • Wall mounted box XXX934
  • Touch screen for wall mounted version XXXScreen
  • VORTEX cooler and/or internal heater for temperature control of the wall mounted or Exp cabinet
Permanent and/or organic gas analysis: • Neon, H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, CHX…
Detection limit: • Neon and H2 ≤ 2 ppm
Detection range: • ppm to %. Depending on the options (loop and amplification)
Relative Standard Deviation: Repeatability • RSD < 5% over 48h (concentration)
• RSD < 0.6% over 48h (retention time)
Cycle time: • 10 minutes for H2 and for O2 / N2
Supervisor: • Embeded computer Windows® based with LCD display
• 128 GB of Hardware storage on SSD memory
Communication: • Ethernet, remote control
Gas supply: • He as carrier gas (inlet: 3.5 bar ; 1/16’’ double ferrule)
• Calibration inlet : 1 bar ; 1/16’’ double ferrule
• Sample inlet : 1 bar ; 1/16’’ double ferrule
• Pneumatic valve 90 mL/min commutation
Volume sampled: • 0.1 to 2 mL depending on application and detection range
Power supply: • Main (230V / 115V 50 Hz/60Hz)
• Battery 24V (option)
Electric consumption: • Average : 100 VA; Peak : 200 VA
Dimensions and weight:
• Rack: 19’’ (5U)
• Height: 222 mm
• Width: 482 mm
• Depth: 660 mm
• Net weight of analyser: 20 kg
• Exp version:
• Height: 800 mm
• Width: 600 mm
• Depth: 300 mm
• Net weight: 40 kg
To order:
chromaTCD rack 5U

chromaTCD Exp ATEX zone 2

chromaTCD Exp ATEX zone 1

chromaTCD Exp IECEX zone 1

chromaTCD Exp CSA C1D2






TSP chromaTCD


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