Chroma DID

Discharge Ionization Detector
Continuous monitoring of permanent gases
Automatic measuring system in the range of PPM / PPB

  • Model: Chroma DID
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec

The continuous or discontinuous mode permanent gases monitor for laboratory or online.

A highly automated system for routine measurement of permanent gases on the range : ppb or ppm.

  • Process : H2 / N2 / O2 / Ar / Kr / Xe / CO* / CO2 / CH4
  • Quality control in pure gas
  • Impurities in Hydrogen
  • Substance tracer
  • Gas input in tubing
  • NH3 in ambiant air
  • CO / *CO2 in ambiant air
  • CO in *C2H4
  • Impurities in CO2


The chroma DID is an automatic, industrial or laboratory trace gas analyzer. The temperature setting is isothermal. The sample comes throuh the sampling loop. Then the sample is injected into an analytical column (with an automatic valve) for separation. Different columns can be used (e.g. packed column).

After separation, the amount of each compound is measured using a discharge ionization detector.

An oven is installed in order to allow the regeneration (to avoid contamination) of the column at 250°C (in option)

The Discharge of Ionization Detector:

Placed behind the chromatographic column, the Discharge Ionization Detector is able to detect different kind of compounds. A high voltage is applied to ionize the compounds. During this step, the different compounds will deliver electrons. The number of electrons delivered will be proportional to the compounds concentration. Then, a potential difference will be observed. This value is transferred to an electrometer and the generated signal is proportional to the compounds concentration in the sample. The signal is then transferred to the CPU board and the micro-processor processes the data (integration, mass or concentration calcul, peaks identification…). The different parameters (data, chromatogram, integration report…) are transferred via a RS-232 port and they are visualised and reprocessed with our VISTACHROM software.

VISTACHROM software:

ChromatotecTM developed software system enables:

  • Remote control
  • Full traceability with on board archiving of results
  • Programation and control of threshold alarms
  • Ponctual (laboratory) or continuous measurement
  • Data export by MODBUS / JBUS / MGS1 / 4-20mA / 0-10V

The Vistachrom software enables the user to visualize and store data on a computer. Furthermore it provides comfortable utilities to recalculate, calibrate and export data and to set-up measurement. The airmo TREND software allows the calculation of retention time, area, mass or concentration profiles.

CALCULATION AVERAGE can be made for better precision


On-line results are transmitted via :

  • Gas cleaner
  • Modul 4 x analog output 4-20 mA or 0-10 V.
  • Alarms module XXX005
  • Automatic results validation.
  • 24 V power supply.
  • Hydrogen and Nitrogen generator
  • Multiple stream selector (2 to 48 streams with one analyzer)
  • Carrier gas purificator
  • Sampling pump in 24V DC or airmoPUMP (XXX901 or XXX915)
  • Pressure and temperature measure of sample
  • Mass Flow Controller (MFC, in order to improve dilution precision and so calibration quality)


Permanent Gas Analysis: • H2, O2, N2, CO, CH4, CO2, N2O and Ar optional
Detection limit: • 50 to 100 ppb depending on application and number of products

• < 50 ppb with special application

Detection range: ppm or ppb
Relative Standard Deviation at middle range : • RSD < 3% on concentrations for 48H
• RSD < 0.6% on retention times for 48H.
Results: • Full result storage (data and graphics)
• Communication protocol MODBUS/ JBUS or MGS1 (option)
• Output 4-20mA (option)
Cycle time: • 10 to 15 minutes depending on the application
Gas supply: • He as carrier gas (inlet 3 bar; 1/8’’ swagelock or 50mL/min maximum)
• Input calibration at 1 bar: 1/8’’ swagelock for 50mL/min maximum
• Sample inlet at 1 bar: 1/8’’ swagelock for 20 to 50mL/min maximum
Sampling Volume: • Sampling flow rate (20-50mL/min)
• Injecting sampling loop 250µL to 1ml
Power supply: • Main: (230V / 115V 50 Hz/60Hz)
• Battery: 24V (option)
Electrical consumption: • Min 100VA, Peak 200VA
Dimensions and weight: • Rack: 19’’ (5U)
• Height: 222 mm
• Width: 482 mm
• Depth: 600 mm
• Net weight of analyser: 22 kg
To order: Model:
 chroma DID (5U) C81022



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