Total HydroCarbons analysis

  • Model: ChromaTHC
  • Manufacturer: Chromatotec

The CHROMA THC is an automated isothermal industrial gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in air (indoor, outdoor, combustion), industrial hygiene, pure gas like N2/CO2/O2.


  • Clean Air Room
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Impurities in pure gas processing
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Filter integrity monitoring
  • VOC/UHC monitoring (Industrial Hygiene) in option
  • Fence Line monitoring
  • Odor control monitoring

CH4 and Non-Methane Total Hydro Carbon (NMTHC) Monitoring and analysis of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by flame ionization detection (ppm level analysis)

The chromaTHC is an automated isothermal industrial gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of volatile organic compounds in air (indoor, outdoor, combustion), industrial hygiene, pure gas like N2/CO2/O2.

  • As a fully automatic instrument, the CHROMATHC allows un-attended operation after commissioning 24/24.
  • The injection is made via a loop and valve installed in an isothermal oven at a standard 80°C.
  • The separation between CH4 and (C2H6 for UHC) and NMTHC is achieved using a column with back flush.

Unlike other similar analyzers, there is no interference from oxygen.

To eliminate issues with flame fluctuation, a valve regulates carrier gas (hydrogen or Nitrogen or air).
The retention time drift is less than 0,3 %.

  • The instrument has a flame ionization detector (FID) heated at 150°C with auto ignition.

VISTACHROM ® software :
Chromatotec developed software system allows :

  • Remote monitoring
  • Full traceability through archiving of results and QC
  • Set up and control of threshold alarms
  • Export of data MODBUS / MGS1 / 4-20mA /0-10V

Dedicated configurations of chroma THC:

  • 2MIN: standard version for VOC monitoring in ambient air within 2 min (from 20 to 20000 ppb)
  • 1 ppb: for clean air room applications tot rack VOCs in ambient air.
  • OCU: solution for odor control unit manufacturers with analyzer, computer and gas generators in complete wall mounted box. SMS function available to inform when media support is saturated.


  • Automatic validation: CALIB with internal automatic calibration and data validation from permeation tube
  • Automatic calibration from external cylinder
  • Automatic data transfert through: Module for 4 outputs 4-20 mA / MODBUS TCP IP / MGS1
  • Modeling software with weather station for live odor/chemical impact
  • 24 V DC power supply
  • Multiple stream selector (up to 16 streams with one analyser)
  • Hydrogen and zero air generator
  • Inbuilt heated line for industrial application or CEMS
  • Vacuum sampling pump
  • Calculation modules: Average / Statistics / Odor Index / Odor Unit ouE/m3 and more
  • Liquid sampling module for TVOC in water or other liquid sample
  • 3G Modem with automatic SMS alert
  • CHROMA THC 5U, reference C24022-OCU: all-in-one wall-mounted with internal computer, CALIB, H2 and zero air generator included. Pressurized dry air requested (compressor in option).
  • XXvalveHC sampling system for high concentrations from 100 ppm to %
CH4 and non-methanic compound analysis:
  • CH4 and NMHC with THC by sum
  • THC = CH4 + NMTHC
Detection limit:
  • 20 ppb for methane and < 20 ppb on NMTHC eqC3
  • chroma THC-1 ppb: LDL < 1 ppb for TVOC
  • % with internal loop valve (XXXVALVEHC)
Detection range for CH4 and NMTHC(eq. CH4):
  • chromaTHC-2 MIN:
    • 20 to 5000 ppb (ampli 3)
    • 0.2 to 200 ppm (ampli 2)
    • 0 to 5 % with smaller sampling loop
  • chromaTHC-1 ppb:
    • 1 to 2000 ppb (ampli 3)
Relative Standard Deviation:
  • < 0.3 % over 48 h (RT)
  • < 2 % over 48 h (Span Concentration)
Cycle time:
  • chroma THC-2 MIN:
    • 2 minutes for 0-3 ppm in ambiant air (standard)
    • 3 to 5 minutes or more for higher concentrations or process application (option)
  • chromaTHC-1 ppb: 10 min
  • Embedded computer WindowsR based with LCD display
  • 128 GB of hardware storage on SSD memory
  • Ethernet, remote control

Gas supply:

  • H2 (FID and carrier gas): 30 mL/min (Inlet 2 bars; 1/16’’ double ferrule)
  • Air (FID): 180 mL/min (inlet 3 bars; 1/8’’ double ferrule)
  • Sample inlet (vacuum pump in option) 1/4’’ double ferrule 80 mL/min at ambient pressure
  • Pneumatic valve 90 mL/min commutation
Sample volume:
  • Injection loop with volume designed according applications
Power supply:
  • Main: 230 V / 115 V or 50 / 60 Hz
  • In case of power loss, the instrument will restart automatically
Electrical consumption:
  • Mean: 150 VA
Operating temperature:
  • Rack version: 20 to 35°C
  • Wall-mounted version: 0 to 40°C
Dimensions and weight: Rack 19’’ (4U):

  • 180 x 482 x 606 mm (H x W x D)
  • Net weight: 17 kg

All-in-one wall-mounted cabinet:

  • 1000 x 800 x 300 mm (H x W x D)
  • Net weight: 55 kg (with 2 heated probes)
To order: Model:
chroma THC 4U (CH4/NMTHC)

chroma THC 5U (CH4/NMTHC) (with inbuilt computer ref. XXX022)

chroma THC 5U (CH4/NMTHC) (in box with generators)

C24000 (2MIN/1ppb)

C24022 (2MIN/1ppb)

C24022-OCU (2MIN/1ppb)


ChromaTHC : Total HydroCarbons analysis


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