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Ocean Currents

Aanderaa SeaGuard String System

SeaGuard Sensor String

The Aanderaa SEAGUARD® Sensor String Systems are complete and flexible subsea observatories for measurements of e.g. dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, current, pressure and tide
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Aanderaa RCM Blue

Bluetooth Recording Current Meter (RCM Blue)

A self-recording dedicated current meter with Bluetooth for communications and data retrieval - now with the possibility to integrate a pressure sensor
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Thiết bị đo profile dòng chảy theo tầng sâu và các thông số hải dương

Profiling Current Meter

The SeaGuardII DCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) measures currents and can be extended with wave direction, oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, and serial sensors
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Thiết bị đo tốc độ dòng chảy phân giải cao

Single-point Recording Current Meter

The SeaGuard current meters are multiparameter platforms with vast possibilities to measure currents, waves, and water quality
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thiết bị đo độ dẫn nhiệt độ


Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth
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Cảm biến đo hướng và tốc độ dòng chảy

Stand-Alone Doppler Current Sensor

Medium Range, 600kHz Current Profiler Smart Sensor
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Bộ thiết bị đo Profile dòng chảy, sóng và thủy triều

Profiling Current Meter and Wave

Profiling Current Meter and Wave - The optimal solution to measure current, speed, direction, and water quality in one instrument
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