9500 Photometer

Photometer with USB connection and memory This equipment is available for rent

Selecting the desired test has never been easier. Simply choose among the list of available tests on the large graphic display and the instrument will walk you through the test procedure – it’s that easy! Simple. Convenient. Accurate.

Features for the 9500 include:

  • Direct reading concentrations
  • Waterproof IP-67 rating
  • Large, backlit graphic display
  • Sample tube holder automatically adjusts for various diameters
  • On-screen instructions virtually eliminates reading manuals
  • Multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
  • 100+ test choices
  • Waterproof USB connection that can also power the instrument
  • Internal memory for 500 sample sets
  • User-selectable options for test units, sample numbers, dilutions factors, or additional tests

You can rely on the accuracy and reliability of YSI’s 9500 photometer. Just choose the reagents for the parameters of interest and start getting results today.

The 9500 includes hard-sided carrying case with foam cutouts for the instrument, accessories, reagents (sold separately), and more along with a waterproof USB cable.

Benchtop Yes
Certifications IP-67
Connectivity / Communications USB connection
Display Graphic, backlit LCD with on-screen instructions
Languages Spanish, Italian, French, English, German
Measurement Method / Channels Wavelengths
Memory 500 sample sets (date and time stamped)
Parameters Measured Alkalinity Aluminum Ammonia Bromine Hardness Chloride Chlorine Chromium Color Copper Cyanuric Acid Dissolved Oxygen Fluoride Hydrazine Hydrogen Peroxide Iron Magnesium Manganese Molybdate Nickel Nitrate Nitrite Organophosphonate Ozone pH PHMB Phenol Phosphate Potassium Silica Sulfate Sulfide Sulfite Zinc
Power 3x AA batteries, the 9500 can also be powered via USB
Sampling Yes
Warranty 1-year instrument
Waterproof Yes

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