Single Fire Module with CTD

The time-tested Multi Water Sampler technology reduced to the max – releasing a single water sampler at a precise depth

Product ID:  436 991

Manufacturer: Hydro-Bios

Made in Germany

The Single Fire Module consists of a Plastic Water Sampler (also known as Niskin Bottle) of 1.7 litres capacity, mounted to a stainless steel rack which is equipped with a motor-driven release device. The power supply is made by internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, using the safest chemistry currently available.

The digital model with C-,T- and D-Sensor is a stand-alone instrument.



The water sampler is actuated via push-button control by the mains-operated Deck Command Unit. The commands for the actuation of the water samplers are given via a single or multi-conductor cable between the Underwater Unit and the Deck Command Unit or PC. The Deck Command Unit is equipped with a serial port for data transfer to PC.


In case a conducting cable is not available on board, the required sampling depth can be pre-programmed via a personal computer. The actuation of the water sampler is then carried out automatically according to the pre-selected depth. All measured data are stored inside the internal data memory (16MB) during the operation and can be read out by a PC when the system is back on board.

Length 440 mm
Width 280 mm
Height 950 mm
Sample volume 1.7 l
Weight on air 12.5 kg
Material of frame stainless steel
Material of motor unit and battery housing Titanium
Operational depth 3000 m – optional 6000 m
Pressure sensor 0.0 … 3000.0 dbar ± 0.1% f.s. (standard)
Temperature sensor – 2 … +32, ± 0.005°C
Conductivity sensor 0 … 65 ± 0.01 mS/cm
Data memory 16 MB
Deck Command unit Metal housing for use in 19″ rack or as table housing, push-button control for closing sampler, indication of sample number, pressure, battery status,
LCD-display with LED backlight, RS 232 Interface for PC, power supply: 85- 260 V AC
Power supply underwater unit Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
Product ID 436 995

Datasheet Single Fire CTD ( 436 995 )


Manual 436 995


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