High Speed Plankton Collector ”Nackthai”

Gulf V sampler, modified for higher sampling efficiency

The High Speed Plankton Collector ”Nackthai” has been developed to catch mobile organisms with increased efficiency. It consists of a 150 cm long net bag, protected by a robust but light-weight tube frame with conical nose of 20 cm inlet diameter. Three plastic fins guarantee for stable orientation during the operation. A 22 kg V-Fin depressor is used to create negative lift at the instrument. For easy retrieval the sample is concentrated inside a removable plastic net bucket with side window (covered with sieve gauze).
No bridles or other towing devices precede the mouth of the net so that organisms are not being “warned”. The mouth opening of the net is unobstructed. Due to the low weight of the frame the “Nackthai” can easily be handled even under rough weather conditions.

Additionaly the ´Hai´ can be equiped with a Netprobe (CTD+ 2 Flowmeters) to messure the filtered volumen and observe the operating depth, temperature and conductivity ‘online’ from lab.
The max towing speed is 8 knots.

Length 275 cm
Width 100 cm
Height 70 cm
Net opening Ø 20 cm / 0,03142 m²
Weight on air 70 kg
Material of frame Stainless steel
Material of net bag Monyl
Towing speed (for 405 microns standard size) 8 kn


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