Operating the meteorological and marine weather monitoring system and lightning warning system at Tan Thuan Wind Power Plant

In its pursuit of green and sustainable energy, the Tan Thuan Wind Farm, invested in by Ca Mau Renewable Energy Investment Joint Stock Company (CMC), has established itself as a frontrunner in adopting effective weather monitoring and lightning warning technology. The system, provided by Reecotech, plays a crucial role in ensuring the operational safety of the plant, thereby contributing to its enhanced operational efficiency and sustainable development.

As the first onshore wind farm in Ca Mau province, Tan Thuan plays a pivotal role in the region’s renewable energy development. Utilizing modern technology with 18 wind turbines, the farm generates 75MW of power, capable of supplying electricity to approximately 35,000 households.

Toàn cảnh điện gió Tân Thuận tại huyền Đầm Dơi, tỉnh Cà Mau
Panoramic view of Tan Thuan Wind Power Plant in Dam Doi District, Ca Mau Province.

Reecotech’s Meteorological and Oceanographic Measurement system provides accurate weather and oceanographic data, optimizing production operations and ensuring the safety of the plant. By continuously collecting information on wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and sea level, the plant’s operation team can effectively forecast and adjust production activities, optimizing performance and minimizing risks posed by extreme weather conditions.

Trạm đo Khí tượng Hải văn được thiết lập tại trạm quan trắc số 1 - VT1 (Turbine số WTG16)
The Meteorological and Oceanographic Measurement Station is established at monitoring station No. 1 – VT1 (Wind Turbine No. WTG16).

The coastal area of Ca Mau is prone to sudden weather changes, presenting a high risk of storms and lightning strikes that could impact production activities. Reecotech’s automated lightning warning system utilizes advanced sensors to detect early signs of storms and lightning. Upon identifying these threats, the system automatically sends timely alerts to the operation team, enabling them to plan accordingly to ensure uninterrupted production and maintain maximum safety.

Hệ thống cảnh báo khả năng sét đánh (Lightning Warning System) và Cảm biến đo tầm nhìn xa được thiết lập lắp đặt tại trạm quan trắc số 2 - VT2 (Sub-station)
The Lightning Warning System and Long-range Visibility Sensor are installed at monitoring station No. 2 – VT2 (Sub-station)

Data from the monitoring system is collected, processed, and displayed through Reecotech’s VnEmisoft software. Data from the stations is transmitted to the central server and provided in real-time with high stability. The system automatically analyzes and issues early warnings for any weather event via SMS, email, and mobile app notifications. The user-friendly interface allows operation engineers to monitor weather parameters in real-time, automatically update and store data for long-term reporting and analysis.

Database cập nhật liên tục theo thời gian thực hỗ trợ khách hàng đánh giá toàn quan về khí tượng hải văn
The continuously updated real-time database supports customers in evaluating a comprehensive overview of marine meteorological conditions

Reecotech’s meteorological and oceanographic monitoring and lightning warning system has proven instrumental in ensuring the operational safety of the plant, contributing to the sustainable development of the Tan Thuan Wind Farm in particular and Vietnam’s renewable energy sector in general.


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