First Quarter Birthday – Youth with Reecotech

The first quarter marks the beginning of a year. In the warm atmosphere of the spring of 2024, the passionate individuals of the Reecotech family gather together to joyfully sing birthday songs dedicated to members born in the first quarter.
Held on March 9, 2024, the birthday celebration took place at the Reecotech company office. Organizing quarterly birthday celebrations is not only a traditional beauty in corporate culture but also demonstrates the special care of the leadership, aiming to encourage, motivate, and appreciate the contributions of individuals to the company’s development. Furthermore, the birthday celebration also serves as an opportunity for employees within the company to interact, strengthen bonds, and foster solidarity.
Sinh nhật quí 1 tại reecotech
Members with birthdays in the first quarter of 2024
In addition to the gifts and wishes received during the birthday party, everyone will also cherish the moments of fun, relaxed conversations, and joy, creating a warm and sincere atmosphere.
The game of guessing the sender’s name on the birthday cards brings a lot of refreshing laughter. Together, everyone reminisces about memories and sends beautiful wishes to the members celebrating their birthdays in the quarter.
Lời cảm ơn cho những thành viên đã có những lời chúc ý nghĩa nhất
Thanks to the members who have sent meaningful wishes to those celebrating birthdays in the first quarter.
A particularly impressive aspect of the first quarter birthday party is the memory recall challenge. Reecotech members are divided into teams and tasked with remembering details from a displayed image. Information is presented on the screen in visual form. After a short period, the teams must answer questions related to the presented information. The atmosphere is lively, enthusiastic, and filled with laughter echoing throughout the office during the challenge. All teams demonstrate teamwork and high determination to win.
Phần thưởng cho đội thắng cuộc trong trò chơi "Ghi nhớ"
The prize for the winning team in the “Memory Recall” game
At the end of the first quarter birthday party, everyone gathers around the BBQ grill, enjoying delicious food and cheerful moments together.
Laughter and lively music blend to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Reecotech members sing, dance, share joyful stories, and strengthen bonds with colleagues.
Buổi tiệc sinh nhật Quí sum vầy bên nhau
The first quarter birthday party brings everyone together in harmony
This is a meaningful activity that helps Reecotech members relieve stress after work hours, strengthen team spirit, and foster a friendly and cohesive work environment.
The first quarter birthday party has ended in joyful celebration and the bonding of the Reecotech family. It’s a beautiful memory that every member will cherish.


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