WxPRO Research – Grade Entry – Level Weather Station

Applications in research, operations, and meteorology

The WxPRO™ is a cost-effective, research-grade weather station from Campbell Scientific, designed for diverse environmental applications. This portable station is suitable for both long-term and temporary deployments. Although it’s more affordable than the MetPRO™, it still features high-quality instruments essential for reliable environmental research. The station uses advanced sensors to measure weather phenomena, which can help calculate various weather-related metrics like evapotranspiration and wind chill.

The WxPRO can be ordered with standard parts or as a complete, preconfigured system for an additional fee. It is fully customizable, allowing the addition of specific sensors and communication devices to meet the requirements of different applications. Key measurements typically include:

    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Air temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Barometric pressure
    • Precipitation
    • Solar radiation

The PRO-series stations offer new options for those looking to deploy a complete weather station solution for many research, operational, and meteorological applications. All of these stations are designed to be research-grade, although there are some differences that may affect your selection. The MesoPRO and MetPRO stations are built using the best blend of components for accuracy, durability, and reliability. The WxPRO uses quality instruments at a lower price for researchers on a tight budget. 

The MesoPRO is intended for applications where having a 30 ft (10 m) tower is desired for permanence, as well as the opportunity to make measurements at many different heights. Common users of this configuration are operators of large networks (such as mesonets), as well as researchers that need a permanent solution with the flexibility to add or change instruments in the future. 

The MetPRO uses the same high-quality instruments as the MesoPRO, but offers the solution with a convenient 10 ft (3 m) tripod rather than a tower for mounting hardware. The tripod adds mobility for shorter-term research projects and offers an easier method to install a full meteorological station. 

The WxPRO is an entry-level weather station solution that has many of the features of the higher-end systems at a lower price point. It is ideal for budget-conscious researchers who need confidence in their data from the use of quality instruments. 

Benefits and Features 

    • Full-featured weather station for the budget-conscious researcher 
    • Defensible data obtainable with accurate instruments 
    • Remote system deployment with low-power design 
    • Remote connection with many communications options supported 
    • Customizable system for specific application needs 

WxPRO Entry-Level Research-Grade Weather Station


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