Temperature Sensor

Aanderaa water temperature sensors are compact, intelligent sensors designed for use on Aanderaa's Dataloggers and as stand-alone units.

Model: 4060/4060R

Manufacturer: AANDERAA

Made in Na Uy

  • Smart Sensor technology
  • Plug and Play Sensor
  • Calibration coefficients are stored in the sensor
  • Depth rating of 6000 meters
  • Short response time, less than 2 seconds
  • Rugged and Robust with minimal and simple
    maintenance needs
  • Resolution: 0.001ºC
  • Output format 4060: AiCaP CANbus, RS-232
  • Output format 4060R: RS-422

A compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the water temperature. The Aanderaa Temperature Sensor is designed to be mounted on Aanderaa Recording Instruments top-end plate or connected to SmartGuard using AiCaP CANbus or in other measurement systems using the RS-232 interface. The 4060R sensor is designed for use with long cables by means of RS-422 full duplex interface.and Dataloggers. The sensor can also be used as stand alone, and is easily integrated in other measurement systems with third party dataloggers.

The sensor is based on A thermistor-bridge. A Digital Signal Processor controls the sampling of the bridge and calculates the calibrated water temperature in engineering units. The sensor is housed in a rugged titanium cylinder. When mounted onto an Aanderaa Recording Current Meter or datalogger platform, the sensor output signal is by default engineering data. Raw data can be selected as additional output.

Range: -4 – 36°C (24.8 – 96.8˚F)
Resolution: 0.001°C (0.0018°F)
Accuracy: ±0.03°C (0.054°F)
Response Time: < 2s
Sampling Interval: 1 sec – 255 min
Operating temp: -5 to +40˚C (23 – 104˚F)
Operating depth: 300m / 3000m / 6000m
Dimensions (DxH): OD: 36 x 76mm
Weight: 120g
Materials: Titanium and Epoxy coating


Accompanying products

  • Seaguard
  • Connection cable
  • Datalogger transmits data
  • Equipment bracket

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