DustVue Solar-Module Soiling Sensor

IEC 61724-1 Compliant

These systems provide optional measurements; however, they typically measure the following parameters: 

    • Short-circuit current 
    • Back-of-Module (BOM) temperature 
    • Effective irradiance 
    • Soiling ratio 
    • Daily soiling-loss index 

The DustVue Solar-Module Soiling Sensor measures and calculates the soiling-loss index to provide solar energy professionals with the information needed to evaluate and manage the impact of soiling on their photovoltaic (PV) power plant performance. 

The DustVue has been designed with ease of use in mind and can be used on any PV installation. The sensor includes the following: 

    • Measurements provided by the CS241 Back-of-Module Temperature Sensor, which has been optimized for bifacial panels 
    • Prewired connectors for module temperature measurements and solar panels used for the soiling measurement 
    • Modbus TCP communications with a standard Modbus register map 
    • Data filtering to maximize accuracy 
    • Backup battery and storage of historic data 

Available options: 

    • Wide-ranging options to mount an electronics enclosure 
    • Purpose-built sensors for silicon-cell or thin-film solar panels 
    • Solar panels supplied by Campbell Scientific 

This sensor joins our extensive line of high-quality, turn-key measurement solutions for solar and other renewable energy applications. Campbell Scientific measurement solutions provide PV performance engineers with the data needed to validate performance models and determine energy yield. 

Benefits and Features 

    • IEC 61724-compliant soiling measurement methodology 
    • Real-time and daily soiling-loss index 
    • CS241 Back-of-Module Temperature Sensor measurements 
    • Factory testing of all sensors 
    • Quick-connect fittings for temperature and solar panel connections 
    • Data filtering with daily soiling-loss index caculated from qualified data points 
    • Modbus, DNP 3.0, and other internet protocols 
    • Quick-deploy guide for ease of installation 

DustVue Solar-Module Soiling Sensor


DustVue In-Field Soiling Measurement for Operational and Site Assessment


DustVue Installations in Various Orientations


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