Wind Sensor WXT532

Measures wind in a compact platform with optional heating to keep sensors clean from snow and ice

Model: WXT532
Manufacturer: Vaisala – Finland


  • Triangular design ensures excellent data availability
  • Maintenance-free with no moving parts
  • Optional heating available
  • Compact, durable, and robust
  • Low power consumption
  • IP66 housing with mounting kit
  • mA output suitable for industrial applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Optional accredited wind calibration (MEASNET) available

Vaisala WINDCAP Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WXT532 is designed for demanding applications where stable and inexpensive wind measurements are required.

Proven Vaisala performance

WXT532 incorporates decades of Vaisala experience in wind measurement using ultrasound to determine horizontal wind

speed and direction. With no moving parts, the sensor has high sensitivity as the measurement time constant and starting threshold are virtually zero. This makes it superior to conventional mechanical wind sensors. WXT532 is designed to operate without periodic field calibration and maintenance.

Easy to install

WXT532 is delivered fully assembled and configured from the factory. With Vaisala configuration software tool you can

change the settings, such as averaging times, output mode, update intervals, measured variables, and message contents. The sensor can be mounted either on top of a pole mast or on a cross arm. When using the optional mounting kit,

the north alignment needs to be performed only once.


The optional heating available in WXT532 assists measurements in freezing or snowy weather conditions and in humid environments.

Since the heating circuit is independent of the operation power, separate power supplies can be used. Heating is switched on automatically at low temperatures, well before the freezing point. 

Low power consumption 

WXT532 has very low power consumption: in idle mode the device typically consumes about 2 … 3 mW


WXT532 is ideal for use in marine applications as the housing with the mounting kit is water resistant. The sensor is also suitable for environmental monitoring, for example, for measuring wind speed and direction in automatic weather stations.

Wind measurement performance


Wind speed
Observation range 0 … 60 m/s (134 mph)
Reporting range 0 … 75 m/s (168 mph)
Response time  0.25 s
Available variables Average, maximum, and minimum
Accuracy ±3 % at 10 m/s (22 mph)
Output resolution 0.1 m/s (km/h, mph, knots)
Wind direction
Azimuth  0 … 360°
Response time 0.25 s
Available variables Average, maximum, and minimum
Accuracy ±3.0° at 10 m/s (22 mph)
Output resolution
Wind measurement frame
Averaging time 1 … 3600 s, sample rate 1, 2, or 4 Hz (configurable)
Update interval 1 … 3600 s (= 60 min), at 1 s steps


Inputs and outputs


Operating voltage 6 … 24 V DC (−10 … +30 %)
Average power consumption Minimum: 0.1 mA at 12 V DC (SDI‑12 standby) 

Typical: 3.5 mA at 12 V DC (typical measuring intervals) 

Maximum: 15 mA at 6 V DC (constant measurement of all parameters)

Heating voltage DC, AC, or full-wave rectified AC 

12 … 24 V DC (−10 … +30 %) 

12 … 17 V ACrms (−10 … +30 %)

Typical heating current 12 V DC: 800 mA, 24 V DC: 400 mA
Digital outputs SDI‑12, RS‑232, RS‑485, RS‑422
Communication protocols SDI‑12 v1.3, Modbus RTU, 

ASCII automatic and polled, 

NMEA 0183 v3.0 with query option


WXT532 analog mA output options

When the analog output option is applied, digital communication is not available


Wind speed 0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA 
Wind direction 0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA


Options and accessories


Vaisala configuration tool and USB service cable SP 220614
Cable USB RS-232/RS-485 1.4 m USB M12 SP 220782
Cable 2 m shielded 8-pin M12 SP 222287
Cable 10 m shielded 8-pin M12 SP  222288
Cable 40 m shielded 12-pin, open end wires SP 217020
Cable USB with power supply RS-232 / 485 USB/ M12SP / 100-240 VAC 263193SP
Cable 10 meter shielded 8-pin M12 CBL210679
Cable 50 m shielded 8-pin M12, open end wires 245931
Bushing and grounding accessory kit 222109
Mounting kit 212792
Mounting accessory between mounting kit and 60 mm tube WMSFIX60
Bird kit 212793


Operating environment


Operating environment Outdoor use
Operating temperatur −52 … +60 °C (−60 … +140 °F)
Storage temperature −60 … +70 °C (−76 … +158 °F) 
Operating humidity 0 … 100 %RH 
Operating pressure 500 … 1100 hPa
Wind 1)  0 … 60 m/s (0 … 134 mph)
IP rating Without mounting kit: IP65 

With mounting kit: IP66


1) Due to the measurement frequency used in the sonic transducers, RF interference in the 200 … 400 kHz range can disturb wind measurement. 

Mechanical specifications


Dimensions (H × Ø) 141 × 114 mm (5.48 × 4.49 in)
Weight 510 g (1.12 lb)
Radiation shield, top, and bottom parts Polycarbonate +20 % fiberglass
Precipitation sensor plate Stainless steel (AISI 316)




EU directives and regulations LVD, EMC, RoHS 
EMC compatibility EN 61326‑1, industrial environment 

CISPR 32 / EN 55032, Class B

Environmental IEC 60068‑2‑1, 2, 6, 14, 30, 31, 78 

IEC 60529, VDA 621‑415

Maritime IEC 60945 (Exposed) 

DNV GL Type Examination Certificate 

No. TAA00000VF

Compliance marks CE, RCM, RoHS, China RoHS, UKCA

WINDCAP Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WXT532


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