034B-L Wind Set

Reliable, Accurate Wind Measurements

The 034B, manufactured by Met One, combines a three-cup anemometer and vane into a single integrated package to measure wind speed and direction. It is cabled for use with our data loggers, and it can provide you with measurements for a variety of applications. 

Benefits and Features 

    • Designed for continuous, long-term, unattended operation in adverse conditions 
    • Constructed of lightweight aluminum 

The 034B monitors wind speed using a three-cup anemometer that contains a sealed magnetic reed switch. Rotation of the cup wheel produces a pulse that is directly proportional to wind speed. The frequency of the pulse is measured by the data logger pulse count channel, then converted to engineering units (mph, m/s, knots). 

Wind direction is sensed with a potentiometer. With the precision excitation voltage from the data logger applied to the potentiometer element, the output signal is an analog voltage that is directly proportional to the azimuth of the wind direction. 

Applications  General (Rain with light snow. Little or now riming or blowing sand. No salt spray.) 
Sensor  3-cup anemometer and vane 
Measurement Description  Wind speed and direction 
Operating Temperature Range  -30° to +70°C 
Weight  907 g (2.0 lb) 

Wind Speed (Anemometer) 

Range  0 to 75 m/s (0 to 167 mph) 
Starting Threshold  0.4 m/s (0.9 mph) 
Sensor Output  Pulsed contact closure 
  • 0.1 m/s (0.25 mph) at < 10.14 m/s (22.7 mph) 
  • ±1.1% of true at > 10.14 m/s (22.7 mph) 
Resolution  (0.7998 m s–1) / (scan rate in seconds) or (1.789 mph) / (scan rate in seconds) 
Anemometer Radius  10.7 cm (4.2 in.) 
Anemometer Height  24.4 cm (9.6 in.) 
Output Signal  Contact closure (reed switch) 

Wind Direction (Vane) 

Mechanical Range  360° 
Electrical Range  356° (4° open) 
Accuracy  ±4° 
Damping Ratio  0.25 
Resolution  < 0.5° 
Potentiometer Resistance  0 to 10 kΩ (open at crossover) 
Threshold  0.4 m s–1 (0.9 mph) 
Vane Length  33.5 cm (13.2 in.) 


034B Wind Set


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