AlgaeLabAnalyser – Instrument for the analysis and quantification of different groups of algae

The instrument analyzes, determines the total amount of algae, the photosynthetic activity of the algae, and quantifies the distribution of different groups of algae in the aquatic environment.
Algae analysis by direct fluorescence spectrometry, does not need to take time to prepare samples like other common chlorophyll analysis methods (no sample preparation, no solvents – chemicals). Analysis time is about 3 minutes/sample. Analytical results are equivalent to HPLC and other chemical analysis methods.
– Quantification of different groups of algae by determining the amount of chlorophyll pigment of each type.
– The f0, f, fm fluorescence signals are used to calculate the photosynthetic activity of algae through the Genty parameter.
– Ability to evaluate the toxicity of water samples when comparing the photosynthetic rate of algae in clean water samples and in polluted water samples.
– Sample transmittance is measured during sample analysis to compensate for the effects of turbidity substances, if necessary.
– Automatic sample agitation function during measurement.
– Analysis software: using bbe++ software with main features: Save data and parameters whenever needed; Graphical display of measured values; Allows device calibration; Measurement parameterization; Export data to EXCEL file format;…