Reecotech provides and installs meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems in accordance with Decree No. 48/2020/ND-CP (amended and supplemented)

Hydro-meteorological monitoring is an important task that is carried out daily. Data from the stations needs to be synchronized in time for easy management. Reecotech Company supplies and installs hydro-meteorological monitoring systems in accordance with Decree No. 48/2020/NDD-CP (amended).

Reecotech provides automatic hydrometeorological monitoring solutions
Reecotech provides automatic hydrometeorological monitoring solutions

1. What is hydrometeorological monitoring?

Hydro-meteorological monitoring is the process of systematically observing and measuring, directly or indirectly, the parameters that represent the state, phenomena, and evolution of the atmosphere, rivers, streams, canals, ditches, lakes, and seas.

Therefore, hydrometeorological monitoring must take place systematically and periodically. Through accurate data collected, systems and servers for different targets were updated.
Oceanographic and Meteorological Buoy Station
Oceanographic and Meteorological Buoy Station

2. Why is it necessary to install a hydrological observation station?

The installation of meteorological and hydrological monitoring stations plays a crucial role in collecting data on weather, water levels, and flow rates. This data helps to accurately predict natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and frost.

With this information, authorities can:
  • Issue early warnings
  • Implement effective prevention measures
  • Minimize damage to people and property

3. Present-day Meteorological and Hydrological Works

Hydrometeorological works include:
  • Hydrometeorological stations.
  • Regional hydrometeorological stations;
  • High altitude meteorological station;
  • Hydrometeorological stations;
  • Surface meteorological stations;
  • High altitude meteorological stations do not;
  • Agricultural meteorological stations;
  • Marine meteorological stations;
  • Hydrological stations;
  • Air pollution control stations;
  • Water pollution control stations;
  • Provincial hydrometeorological forecasting and service stations;
  • Rain measuring stations.
Reecotech's Hydro-meteorological Monitoring Station
Reecotech’s Hydro-meteorological Monitoring Station

4. Indicators of the hydrometeorological observation system

The specific meteorological and hydrological monitoring indicators will depend on the individual customer’s requirements and the specific application. However, some basic indicators of the system include:
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Wind Direction and Speed
  • Rainfall Amount
  • Rainfall Intensity
  • UV Index
  • Sun Direction
  • Brightness
  • Radiation
  • Aerosol Backscattering Profile
  • Cloud Base Height
  • Cloud Penetration Depth
  • Aerosol Layer Height
  • Cloud Cover
  • Visibility
  • Road Conditions (dry, damp, wet, ice, snow, mud, chemically wet)
  • Pavement Temperature
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Other parameters

5. Operation of Meteorological and Hydrological Monitoring Systems according to Decree No. 48/2020/ND-CP

5.1 Data Collection

  • Sensors and monitoring equipment: The system uses a variety of sensors such as thermometers, wind speed and direction meters, rain gauges, pressure sensors, earthquake sensors, and water level gauges to collect meteorological and hydrological data.
  • Sensor installation and location: Sensors are installed in locations suitable for each type of activity, ensuring diverse and accurate data collection.

5.2 Data Transmission and Storage

  • Data communication and recording: Data from the sensors is recorded and transmitted to the monitoring center via mobile phone networks, the internet, or other communication connections.
  • Data storage: Data is stored in a database after collection for analysis and forecasting.

5.3 Data Processing and Analysis

  • Data processing: Collected data is processed and analyzed to generate important parameters such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, air pressure, wind speed and direction, water level, and other meteorological parameters.
  • Data analysis: Data is analyzed to identify trends, forecast weather, assess the impact of climate change, and support scientific research activities.

5.4 Information Display and Sharing

  • Data visualization: Processed and analyzed data is displayed on user interfaces, including charts, graphs, and maps that describe the weather and hydrological conditions.
  • Information sharing: Collected information is shared with relevant agencies, research organizations, and the public for forecasting, disaster prevention, and efficient water resource use.
VnEmisoft - Hydro-meteorological Data Management Software
VnEmisoft – Hydro-meteorological Data Management Software

6. Reecotech Provides Effective Hydro-meteorological Monitoring Solutions

Reecotech has extensive experience in supporting clients with complex development and integration projects. Our team has a solid understanding of Vietnamese laws and international standards. Reecotech specializes in providing, designing, integrating, and transferring international standard hydro-meteorological and environmental monitoring solutions with the following advantages:

Compact Reasonable cost High reliability and low maintenance Meet the monitoring requirements of environmental agencies Provide quick results and timely response measures The system is flexibly designed to meet the actual needs of customers Equipment meets international standards, with prestigious origins from corporations with many years of experience in manufacturing monitoring equipment Provide website management software & mobile application, making monitoring easier

Reecotech is currently one of the leading suppliers of automatic and continuous monitoring stations in Vietnam. Currently, Reecotech is a partner of major manufacturers in the world such as Vaisala, Miros, YSI, .. in providing and integrating monitoring systems that comply with Vietnamese regulations and meet European standards.

For more information, please contact:

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