Plastic Water Sampler PWS

Niskin-Type Plastic Water Sampler

PWS features all plastic (PVC) design, consisting of a tube with two lids connected by a latex rubber tubing. The lids are kept open during descent, caring for a fair flushing of the sampling tube. The sampling tube is completely metal-free.

The PWS on the one hand is the standard oceanographic sampler to be used on Multi Water Sampler/ Rosette/Carousel arrays and on the other hand it can be used as single or series instrument connected to a hydrographic wire. When used on a wire, a messenger (not incl.), dropped down the wire from the surface, releases the end stoppers for closure. For the use of several PWS in a row a second messenger below the first sampler is used to actuate a series of samplers along the wire.

When operated as a single instrument without bottom weight, we recommend to use a Centered Mounting Rack (436 380/ 436 385/ 436 386/) which cares for a vertical position of the sampler. Retrieve the water sample via the discharge cock/ tube at the lower end of the sampler.

  Niskin / PWS 1.7 l Niskin / PWS 2.5 l Niskin / PWS 3.5 l Niskin / PWS 5 l Niskin / PWS 10 l
Length 590 mm (C) 765 mm (C) 540 mm (C) 640 mm (C) 1040 mm (C)
Width 165 mm (A) 165 mm (A) 185 mm (A) 185 mm (A) 185 mm (A)
Height 140 mm (B) 140 mm (B) 210 mm (B) 210 mm (B) 210 mm (B)
Diameter 90 mm (D)

90 mm (D)

140mm (D) 140 mm (D)

140 mm (D)

Sample volume 1.7l 2.5 l 3.5 l 5 l 10 l
Weight on air 3 kg (empty) 3.5 kg (empty) 3.7 kg (empty) 3.6 kg (empty)

5.5 kg (empty)

operational temperature     -2 to +60 °C -2 to +60 °C -2 to +60 °C
product ID
436 300 436 302 436 303 436 305 436 315

Manual 436 300-345


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