MesoPRO Research-Grade Mesonet Station

High-precision and durable research meteorological station

These systems provide optional measurements; however, they typically measure the following parameters: 

    • Wind speed 
    • Wind direction 
    • Air temperature 
    • Relative humidity 
    • Barometric pressure 
    • Precipitation 
    • Solar radiation 
    • Soil volumetric water content 

The MesoPRO™ is a highly accurate, durable, research-grade meteorological monitoring station, designed for a wide variety of demanding environmental applications. This 10-meter tower station is suitable for long-term installations common in large networks such as mesonets. Remote monitoring and data collection are implemented via an industrial 4G LTE cellular network modem. 

This system implements field-proven sensors, which provide accurate measurements required for the data products needed by mesonet stakeholders. The sensors selected are an optimal balance between accuracy, durability, and performance to obtain the best data while reducing maintenance and operational overhead. Meteorological variables measured can be used to calculate many weather-related parameters such as evapotranspiration, growing-degree days, wind chill, dew point, and other weather-related parameters. 

The MesoPRO can be ordered with the parts shown above or as a complete prewired, preprogrammed, preconfigured system for an additional cost. 

This system is also fully customizable. To meet the needs of a specific application, sensors, measurement peripherals, and communications devices can be added. Contact a Campbell Scientific sales engineer to design a custom solution. 

Benefits and Features 

    • Defensible data obtainable with high-accuracy instruments 
    • Remote system deployment for long-term monitoring with low-power system design 
    • Durable system components for reduced maintenance overhead 
    • Adaptable to diverse or changing measurement needs with tower-based solution 
    • Remote connection with 4G LTE cellular network; many other communications options supported, including two-way satellite Internet 
    • Customizable system for specific application needs 

MesoPRO Research-Grade Mesonet Station


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