Giải pháp IoT giám sát lượng mưa RainVue 10 + Aspen 10 
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Precision IoT solutions for economical rainfall monitoring

 The RainVue™10 is an SDI-12 tipping bucket rain gage that uses advanced algorithms and digital processing to provide accurate precipitation and intensity measurements for hydrological and meteorological applications. With an Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device-enabled RainVue 10 station, you can capture localized rainfall variations to proactively deploy emergency personnel during storm events. 


Cảm biến lượng mưa SDI-12 RainVue 10

RainVue 10 SDI-12 Precipitation Sensor

The RainVue™️10 is ideal for many hydrological or meteorological applications such as weather stations and flood warning systems. The RainVue 10 is an SDI-12 tipping bucket rain gage in the RainVue™️ family of products. Advanced algorithms and digital processing within the sensor compensate for errors caused by high-intensity rain and provide accurate precipitation and intensity measurements. Constructed of an aerodynamic plastic funnel, the RainVue 10 is cost effective and minimizes the amount of liquid precipitation that is lost due to the effects of wind. This rain gage offers the user flexibility with the option to select from a series of set cable lengths or a user-defined cable length. 

Thiết bị Edge Device Aspen 10

Aspen 10 Edge Device for a Single Sensor

The revolutionary Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device allows users to easily connect their environmental sensor to the cloud. It is rugged and durable and may be mounted outdoors without the need for a second enclosure. It has an integrated solar panel and internal rechargeable battery, making the Aspen 10 a truly self-sustaining device. 

The Aspen 10 is also small and compact, which makes it easy to install in a variety of locations without disturbing the environment it is monitoring. An integrated IoT cellular modem allows the Aspen 10 to transmit data to the cloud, and a global positioning system (GPS) receiver provides automated installation location. 

Setting up the Aspen 10 to read your sensor is quick and easy thanks to a new sensor interface technology that allows automatic identification of any sensor with an SDI-12 identification. The Aspen 10 publishes this ID to the cloud, in return receiving a customized measurement configuration and program for your specific sensor and application. You can then monitor your data from anywhere. 


Aspen 10 and CampbellCloud Integration 

Combining the RainVue 10 and the Aspen 10 gives you access to streamlined data management through CampbellCloud. This integration ensures data accuracy, storage, and real-time, secure accessibility to facilitate effective decision-making during severe weather. 

CampbellGo: CampbellCloud Field Companion App 

CampbellGo, a companion app to CampbellCloud, simplifies the deployment and troubleshooting of Aspen 10-enabled RainVue 10 stations. With near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth connectivity, CampbellGo allows a direct wireless connection to Aspen 10 devices, providing immediate device status, configuration options, and access to network views while on-site. 

RainVue 10 Key Features 

    • SDI-12 tipping bucket rain gage to capture rainfall data in diverse environmental conditions 
    • Cost-effective aerodynamic design to minimize liquid precipitation loss due to wind 
    • Advanced algorithms to compensate for errors caused by high-intensity rain 
    • Accurate rainfall monitoring with timely data for a range of applications 

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