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Next-gen IoT solutions for accurate humidity and air temperature monitoring

The HygroVue™10 is an advanced digital sensor that simplifies humidity and air temperature measurements. Pair your HygroVue 10 with the Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device to gain access to supplementary data and a gap-filling companion to enhance your monitoring capabilities. 


Cảm biến nhiệt độ và độ ẩm tương đối HygroVue 10

Hygrovue 10 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor with M12 Connector

The HygroVue™10 offers a combined temperature and relative humidity element in an advanced digital sensor that is ideal for weather networks. The electronics within the sensor provide accurate measurements, and the sensor is easy to use. The digital SDI-12 output allows a simple connection and measurement by many data logging systems. Another benefit is that this digital output avoids the extra errors associated with measuring analog sensors. 

A hydrophobic sintered filter prevents dirt and water from entering the cap. The filter is designed to be resistant to wind-driven rain. A secondary PTFE membrane filter is bonded to the surface of the sensor element to prevent finer dust and mold from directly influencing the measurements. 

Because the sensor housing is designed to withstand permanent exposure to various weather conditions and to fit inside a range of radiation shields (including compact shields), the HygroVue 10 is truly suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications. 

The HygroVue 10 uses a latest-generation, Swiss-made, combined relative humidity and temperature element based on CMOSens® technology that offers good measurements, accuracy, and stability. Each element of the HygroVue 10 is individually calibrated with the calibration corrections stored on the chip. You can easily change the sensor element in the field, which reduces your downtime and calibration costs. 

Thiết bị Edge Device Aspen 10

Aspen 10 Edge Device for a Single Sensor

The revolutionary Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device allows users to easily connect their environmental sensor to the cloud. It is rugged and durable and may be mounted outdoors without the need for a second enclosure. It has an integrated solar panel and internal rechargeable battery, making the Aspen 10 a truly self-sustaining device. 

The Aspen 10 is also small and compact, which makes it easy to install in a variety of locations without disturbing the environment it is monitoring. An integrated IoT cellular modem allows the Aspen 10 to transmit data to the cloud, and a global positioning system (GPS) receiver provides automated installation location. 

Setting up the Aspen 10 to read your sensor is quick and easy thanks to a new sensor interface technology that allows automatic identification of any sensor with an SDI-12 identification. The Aspen 10 publishes this ID to the cloud, in return receiving a customized measurement configuration and program for your specific sensor and application. You can then monitor your data from anywhere. 


Aspen 10 and CampbellCloud Integration 

Combining the HygroVue 10 and the Aspen 10 gives you access to streamlined data management through CampbellCloud. This integration ensures data accuracy, storage, and secure, real-time accessibility for your weather monitoring data. 

CampbellGo: CampbellCloud Field Companion App 

CampbellGo, a companion app to CampbellCloud, simplifies the deployment and troubleshooting of Aspen 10-enabled HygroVue 10 stations. With near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth connectivity, CampbellGo allows a direct wireless connection to the Aspen 10 for immediate device status, configuration options, and access to network views while on-site. 

HygroVue 10 Key Features 

    • Equipped with a field-changeable element for fast, on-site recalibration and enhanced precision 
    • Low power consumption and wide operating voltage to ensure energy efficiency and reliable performance 
    • Rugged design with potted electronics for resilience and longevity 
    • Standard M12 connector with IP67 sealing rating for a secure and robust connection 

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ClimaVue 50 + Aspen 10 Solutions

The ClimaVue™50 is an affordable, all-in-one meteorological sensor for fulfilling your essential weather monitoring needs. The Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device complements your ClimaVue 50 by providing supplementary data and gap filling for real-time weather observations.
ClimaVue 50 + Aspen 10

ClimaVue 50 + Aspen 10 Solutions

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