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pQA Portable Quadrupole Analyser

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Designed for analysis of dissolved gases in water, for use in the field at the riverbank, on boats and in mobile laboratories.
The Hiden pQA, a versatile user configurable mass spectrometer system, is available with a range of sample inlets for real-time analysis of evolved or dissolved gases and vapours. A compact transportable case operated with a 12 V or 24 V electrical supply makes it ideal for in-situ measurements in the field, providing a distinct advantage in time and efficiency over traditional analysis methods. Equipped with an extending handle and base wheels, detection to sub-ppb levels and a 200 amu mass range the pQA is an all-in-one solution enabling the acquisition of laboratory quality data on the go.
Hiden MASsoft and QGA Professional software packages are supplied for quantitative analysis of gas species and both include soft ionisation capability for reduced spectral fragmentation and simplified data interpretation.

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  • Analysis of dissolved species with mass range 200 amu (300 amu option)
  • Sub parts per billion detection levels
  • High precision and stability species ratio measurements (e.g. marine de-nitrification studies)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Soil core analysis
  • Water analysis in reservoir, river, estuary or sea
  • Groundwater studies
  • Contamination tracking
  • Microbiological / Enzyme activity studies
  • Swimming pool analysis
  • Fermentation process analysis
  • Methane production control

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