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VOC Analysis System

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The System VOC is the complete GC package, incorporating our new 4760 Eclipse Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator, Low-Dead-Volume Injector, Agilent® Technologies 6890 GC, and your choice of our optional autosamplers. The System VOC is also configured with a tandem PID/ELCD for analyzing halogenated and aromatic species found in USEPA Methods 601/602 and 502.2 Principal applications for the System VOC include: USEPA Methods 502.2, 503.1, 601, 602, 8010, and 8021; ISO 15009 and 15680; standard methods 6200C; halocarbons; aromatics and olefins; solvents; and hazardous wastes.

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  • Preconfigured packages include all necessary hardware for analysis: Agilent GC, OI Analytical Model 4760 Purge-and-Trap Sample ConcentratorModel 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD, columns, and standards
  • Sample Concentratorprovides built-in Cyclone Water Management, rapid trap heating and cooling, Silcosteel sample pathway, unique protective sparge filter design, and optional Infra-Sparge Sample Heater for improving sample recoveries
  • Tandem PID/ELCDuses only one detector port, allows mounting of up to four detectors
  • ELCDfeatures rapid release reactor design, quick-change disposable resin cartridges, and digital control
  • PIDexhibits extremely low baseline noise
  • MS systems include current Agilent GC/MS hardware with a 6890 Plus GC
  • Choice of capillary columns
  • Choice of autosamplers to fully automate the analysis process
  • Optional automated pH measurement
Standard Hardware
  • Eclipse Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator
  • Model 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD System
  • Agilent GC
  • OI Analytical low-dead-volume injector
Power Requirements 110 VAC (± 10%), 60 Hz220C (± 10%), 50 Hz
Gas Requirements Ultrahigh purity H2 , and He (99.999% purity or better)